Bearing Problem

:frowning: My stupid Campfire bearing wont spin! I HATE IT! >:( And I dont know what to do! :’(

Is the string wrapped around the bearing? Did it maybe slip between the bearing and the rest of the yoyo and wrap around the axle?

Or maybe string is caught around the axle. Check around there, and take out the bearing with pliers.

Ok, its spinning now but this has happend like 3 times now. I will ask the store where i got it from, they will come up with something.

Did you ever try giving it a little lube. Bearings work better and last longer that way.

Ok, let’s see to me it seems that the OP isn’t saying that the yoyo wont operate but the bearing itself is seized up, this has happened to me before, just not with a CLYW since I don’t own any (:() Anyhow, how I fixed mine was I stuck it on the end of a paintbrush or pencil and banged it’s outer face (where the string sits) on a table a good 5-10 times, it started spinning again but it had a little catch, I cleaned it and viola it worked like a charm :smiley: I would have just cleaned it first but I wanted to try and break whatever was seizing the balls loose before hand rather than attempt to clean it 9000 times lol, hope you get it fixed :slight_smile: