Problem with bearing please help!


Ok so i got a Shinwoo Zen 4 last week and i played it for a couple hours and then the bearing just wouldnt spin anymore so I replaced the bearing and it i the same exact thing any ideas on what this is?


Clean the bearing seat.


No I mean the bearings won’t spin AT ALL even in another yoyo


did you lube it? That slows bearings down a lot. You also might want to clean the bearing. Something might have gotten in it, or a buildup of grime might slow it down enough.


Have you cleaned it? If the bearing seat was dirty it can sometimes gum up the bearing.


I guess I’ll ask obvious…

Are you sure you have it seated properly in the bearing seat?
Is the string jammed in there?

It’s just very odd that 2 bearings quit in the same yoyo.


Could it be do to over tightening?


Possibly, but normally over tightening would strip the threads before that happens. If you put the bearing on the tip of a pencil, does it spin freely?


No it won’t spin at all


Clean the bearing seat and the bearings.