Aquarius problems

My bearing won’t spin at all. I cleaned it but it just wont spin on the string. Help!

Take the yoyo apart and flick it with your finger. Does it spin?

nope im cleaning it again. ill keep you updated…

I just cleaned and lubed it and it will spin when its the yoyos not put together but not when its together! What does your sixth sense tell me to do apetrunk?

Make sure the string is around the bearing and not the axle when you put it back together. Also, make sure you’re using string with a loop on the bottom, otherwise it won’t work.

I hope I didn’t insult your intelligence, I’m just trying to help.

See if there is any damage to the bearing seat, or possibly the axle is slightly bent causing the bearing to bind against the bearing wall.

If it is screwed all what way together it doesn’t spin so try untwist it and see if that works

Dont tighten it too hard and if the problem continues, contact YYJ