Yoyo doesn't spin.

Hey guys.
Today I decided to clean my bearing for the first time… I did it exactly same as in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHb5a-kTzz8
When I was drying it , it was spinning pretty good. Then I left it on my desk for few min and… it stopped spinning… I have to use strength to move it even a little bit. I was checking if theres something inside the bearing but I didn’t notice anything strange.
What can be the reason of non spinning bearing and how can I fix it?

So you literally did nothing at all, other then put it down on your desk after it was spinning fine, you didn’t pull it off something, or put the shields back on or something like that?
If that is the case I would have to guess you have had a mechanical failure in the bearing. look at the balls, and the cage around them and see if any of it is out of alignment. good luck.

make sure the balls arent sticking up slanted on one side that happened to me once…

What did you clean it with? I think it left gunk in the bearing…

Also, you need WD-40:
Really though, don’t use WD 40 unless it’s the only option left.

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How much gunk would have to be in there to have to force it around? read the post man.

Once dust gets in you’re bearing it wont spin. Maybe thats you’re problem. Try cleaning it again! :wink:

I’m not sure. It was a speculation. Anyways, if he used some kind of cleaner that dried and left a sticky residue… it can be “gluing” his bearing together.

I used mineral spirit… Are those balls inside bearing supposed to move? I rly don’t see anything wrong there.

How hard was it to remove your bearing from your yoyo? Sometimes if the bearing is a bit stuck people tend to grip the bearing with pliers a bit too hard. This causes a deformity of the outer race and a bad bearing. Does it feel like when it does turn ti does it in little sections then gets stuck again?

Nope, it comes out easly. I was trying to throw yoyo a bit… After a hour of throwing it spins a bit better. Maybe it will get well if I keep throwing?

Lube it?