My yoyo bearing doesnt spin very long

Hey! So i just cleaned all my bearing using lighter fluid and no lube. Before they were pretty loud and i have never cleaned them in. I have also had these bearings for quite awhile and lube them irregularly. So, my question is, why do the spin for such a short amount of time now? They are quiet and smooth but when i put them on my bearing or on a pin they stop spinning very fast. Could it be that my bearing are just old and aren’t capable of spinning very long? Did i just over exaggerate how long i thought they would spin? Im pretty confused right now. I thought cleaning your bearing would make your bearing spin for a long time. Sorry for making this so long, ANY help is greatly appreciated! :smiley:

If you have been lubing your bearing frequently or using more than a tiny drop just once in a while…
then there’s a good chance you have some build up on the ball bearings inside. If that happens, it can sometimes take more than one attempt for a proper cleaning. Lube will actually slow your bearing down and cause it not to spin as well as it should. I personally never lube my bearings…I play them completely dry. Only time I might apply a drop of lube is for an extremely loud bearing. Try cleaning a couple more times and see if it gets better.

Ok ill try that :smiley: I very very very rarely lube my yoyo bearings but that could be the problem. Thanks :slight_smile: