Clean Bearings

Ok I cleaned my bearing… (My first cleaning). Put a drop of thin lube. Its the Yomega Dash… the pads are worn, bearing broke in… After I cleaned it (I dried it obously), It was more responcive… Not like a flick of the wrists its back, but mabey a tug or less… Idk if I did it wrong or sumthing… Any ideas? :-\

Keep playing with it.

I do… before I cleaned it, it played fine… pretty unresponcive… longer spin time… (like 1 min 30 sec). Now it gets about 45 sec spin time… even with it freshly lubbed…

Thin lube makes it more responsive. BUT, if you keep playing with it, it will be unresponsive.

By the way, don’t waste time staring at the yoyo for spin time. It doesn’t matter. ;D

But for now, just keep playing with it. Maybe for three days? Or less? :slight_smile:

ok cool… pisses me off cause i tried to do that thing where u end up in a trapeze but its not that… and it comes back and hits me in the arm… i have a bruse…

with lube you generally only want to put in about a the amount that can rest on the end of a pin. If you put a whole drop in it is over lubed. So you can either play it a lot and spread the lube around a lot till it finally settles into a nice groove, or you can reclean and put in an really small amount of lube. You only need enough so that the bearing isn’t loud. And that doesn’t take much.

its not loud but not totaly scilent… i didnt put a entire drop either! i think like a little more then a pin