I think there is something wrong with my bearing..please help


I feel like something inside my bearing is fucked up. If i shake it it sound like something is not connected on the inside. I afraid there is a problem with it… like something is loosen up inside it…I tried to deshield it and took a picture…Idk how much it will help but i’ll try. If you think better quality picture would help discover the problem i’ll try get a better one. it’s pretty urgent because I plan to order 100 strings and a lube and if the bearing is not good I won’t be able to order new one since the shipping to Israel is already high for one order so if i need to order another bearing I will have to ask my parents since it’s another 8$ and if they won’t allow this whole string and lube purchase will be useless so I really need you to tell me if you think there might be a problem with it…


I recommend cleaning the bearing to see if that solves your problem. You can use lighter fluid or mineral spirits. You can wait till the lube your ordered arrive that way you can lubricate it after cleaning.

Has anything happened to the bearing?


Just saying but please do not curse on the forums.


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First of all sorry about the cursing it wasn’t intended, I just used it as a expression to what I think happend to the bearing (English is not my main language so I didn’t know its considered a curse, but I’m sorry,.
Second thing, Nothing major happend to it… actually the yoyo hitted the floor few times. I also noticed the bearring sometimes get very loose of its seat, I mean, its not sit well on it, the shape and all is ok but its not as tight on the seat like I remember it was at the start, It wasn’t locked hard before so I had to use some kind of tool or something but I had to put little pressure in order to get it out, now its sometime getting out to easy and I feel its not seeting well. The problem is that if its not good I don’t know if I will be able to order new one since my order is already high enough and another 8$ I’m not sure my parents will let me get it.
So I still haven’t ordered the strings and lube…I think its need a lube and a clean but I afraid that something is not good on the inside…
Thanks again.


Lol it’s cool. We like to keep the forums because lots of people (like meeeeee) are still barely teenagers (or those widdle pweteens). So we try our best to keep the language PG.


Ok. :slight_smile:
anyone have an idea about what the problam can be? :smiley:


I’m not sure there is a problem… Is the bearing playing correctly?


almost every throw the yoyo vibrate quite a bit an 99% of the time the string goes to the left side of the bearing while the yoyo is spinning straight. but that might just be my throw - even though I practiced and still do now alot on it.
another thing - when the yoyo is spinning, I kinda feel the bearing has problem, I don’t really know how to explain it…I would hope that lube and clean would fix that but I really feel like theres a problem on the inside… but since I’m not really a big yoyo expert I can’t tell if maybe it’s a normal thing… or maybe the bearing just need a clean and lube or maybe I just need a new one… but the problem is that if my bearing is not good there is not really in buying the strings and lube…and I don’t think that I will be able to add the bearing to this order since its expensive enough, and if I would just order and test a shipping for just the bearing would cost like twice the bearing itself and I can’t really afford it + it will take around 4 weeks to get here for each order… So I’m having a big problem…


If you do the fingernail test (run a nail on the yoyo to make it stop wobbling) and it stops wobbling then it is your throw. I’m 99% positive the bearing just needs a cleaning and a drop of lube. Don’t worry, this happens to all of us.


Ok…thanks, and what lube should I buy?
also I’m going to buy the polyester kitty strings cause some people here said it will be good for me… what do you think?


I use yyj thin lube and I like it. I recommend it.


Thanks! any more opinions before I order tomorrow? (its 3:32 am for me now XD)
Good night, which for most of you is good after noon? :smiley:


Your bearings fine. But if you really want to buy a bearing, $10 for an Ann Connoly Whip gets you a nice expensive center track.