bearing change? cleaning? or something else?

In the last day or two my sleepers have become erratic and I’m pretty sure my throw has not changed. The yoyo isn’t staying flat and isn’t spinning for as long— quite often spinning out. I’m wondering if it is a bearing issue?

How long do bearings last? How often should I clean it?

Even if you don’t think it is a bearing issue, I’m still interested in the answers to the above questions.


It might be your throw. You may be throwing it slightly tilted. Also, how long have you had the bearing? There might be something wedged into the side of your bearing and is slowing it down. Maybe a piece of your string got stuck inside? I would just open it up and check. Other than that, I think it’s your throw.

This topic comes up alot…i could be your bearing, but sounds like your throw is off, try throwing straight as possible, use those muscles.

If it is indeed a bearing issue and not your throw, then de-sheild your bearing, clean it in mineral spirits, and then blow it with a air can, lightly lube. This will save your bearing, and if followed and done regularly, your bearing should last you years

~gorrilla_yo ;D

okay thanks. I’ve had the DM for about 3 months now. I keep it lubed with thick lube (I would use thin, but don’t have any). What is a bearings life span?

thanks Gorilla

Throw another yoyo. If the problem persists, it’s likely your throw. If not, it may be the bearing or the yoyo itself. If you’ve removed the bearing, perhaps you got some foreign debris in the bearing or possibly bent the bearing seat in some way in trying to remove the bearing. If you’re sure it’s not you’re throw, put another bearing in the yoyo and test it. If the problem persists still, there is a problem with your yoyo and I’d suggest contacting the manufacturer.