my yoyo is getting is starting to hate me!!!:'(

i have a yoyo that slept for a 1 min and didint get up when i pulled it. i had to use bind to get it back. but recently the yoyo is coming back whenever i slightly tug it.and the sleep time is reduced to 20-22sec. what should i do? oh and i bought the yoyo a week ago. is it normal or something bad?

Don’t worry, your yoyo doesn’t hate you!

Chances are, if your yoyo is becoming responsive then the problem will be with the bearing. If you unscrew your yoyo and rotate the bearing with your finger you might find it being a bit gritty or gunky.

The best thing to do would be either clean your bearing:,871.0.html

(Note, you can use Acetone, mineral spirits, or lighter fluid.)

… or replace it with a new one. That should fix the issue. :slight_smile:

These things just happen. I’ve bought some yoyos with bearings that have been responsive out of the box when they shouldn’t have been, and I’ve had other bearings for years without them giving me any issues. It’s just part of the yoyo experience at times, it’s nothing to be overly concerned about as it can usually be fixed pretty easily.

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^^^  Nothing but the truth here…just remember that sometimes if they get a lot of debris/residue in them, it will often take more than one cleaning.