My yoyo keeps coming back up

Whenever I go to throw a sleeper my yoyo keeps automaticly coming back up. I’ve tried checking if it was in the bearing, I’ve even changed the string, I’m considering just making it non responsive or getting a new one. Can anybody help?

Sounds like the yoyo has made it’s decision.

You should respect that.


Usually is the bearing, try to change it with an unresponsive one or just clean it (there are many videos on Youtube on how to do it), it will be helpful to know also which yoyo do you have to help ypu better (also because exist different sizes of bearing, usually in the modern unresponsive the size is C), you seems new in the game so before consider a total unresponsive yoyo make sure you know how to bind properly :slight_smile:

I have a magic k2 crystal

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Ok so no panic my friend, when you bought the yoyo you had another bearing in the yoyo box, it should be the unresponsive one, you do not need to buy anything just swap bearing and you good to go!

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The problem is mine did not come with the unresponsive bearing

You can buy an unresponsive bearing on the Yoyoexpert website there are some very cheap ones and at this point I would say why not even add a new yoyo.

The responsive bearing in your yoyo is too “narrow” so even cleaning it is a bit useless, I would say go for a new one and a new yoyo as well

That sucks since i bought this yesterday

Ok than you can write Amazon and do a return, as it is arrived only yesterday you can send it back and they have to provide a new one, I am pretty sure in the offer they do there is another bearing, strings, the tool to remove the bearing a pouch and what not.
Just write them and they should solve it (if you have bought them on Amazon) otherwise contact the shop that sold it to you

I might return it and get a sage


Get a First Base.


Krystal is a good yoyo, but sometimes the bearings ship dirty. Does the bearing spin freely outside the yoyo?

I’d try cleaning it with the paper method before making a decision to return it. There’s lots of threads here that will give you instructions.

If possible, maybe you could post a video. It’s probably easier for us to diagnose the problem that way.

Is it a responsive yoyo. Thet do that.

Be sure to keep your palm facing up until youre ready for it to return, then turn your hand over. Technique is important

Some of their bearings come with bonus metal shavings and crud inside. Soak it in alcohol, spin it a bit, soak it some more.

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posting a video of your throw will help ppl diagnose the problem if its your technique or not. Otherwise all we can do is list the common gear issues

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womp womp. Now in all seriousness go on YouTube and search {how to clean a yoyo bearing}or you could get a bearing from yoyoexpert