Yomega mods

I recently purchased a new Yomega Mod yo-yo at my local toy store. I got the black one which is supposed to be un-responsive.

After setting it up, it is completely responsive. Is this false advertisement or is something needed to be done with my throw?

Your bearing may not have been cleaned thoroughly. Do you have the means to clean a bearing? Or you could even replace the bearing with a different size C. Also, what kind of string are you using? If it keeps up let me know and we’ll figure it out.

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Clean the bearing in some Acetone Lighter Fluid or Mineral spirits. Then spin them dry after a 5-10 minute soak. Use a Glass jar.

Get a Que-Tip and dip it in some Rubbing Alcohol, then clean the bearing seat thoroughly.

Bearings, and response take break in time.

Just like the Metal Drifter and Raptor, most bearings by these company’s come gunked up.

Does this kind of yoyo have a small gap?

Putting in a completely new bearing did nothing more then making it hesitate just barely when I pull up on it. I can’t do kwijibo or any trick with slack near the yo-yo.

First time I have ever been disappointed in a yo-yo. Seeing how weird and unique this yo-yo is, is there absolutely anything I can do to make it unresponsive? You can’t take out the response because it is made for the yo-yo and his 2 brothers. I doubt it can be siliconed either actually.

I’m pretty mad actually.

Halp, what else can I do?

Throw the yoyo out and feel sorry for yourself? all joking aside what type of response is it?

It sounds like the response is super grippy still. You could lightly rub down the response until it is at the unresponsiveness you want. It comes with the black hard silicone response so it may just need a little wear in. Hope this helps!

Trade it for something different

I just watched a couple videos on you tube with this yoyo and it was unresponsive and they were pulling off some advanced stuff.

They can be unresponsive…

Ok, so point is that it’s completely responsive out of the bearing. I’ll try rubbing the response down a bit. Meh, wouldn’t have bought it if I knew it would lie to me like this. Unresponsive my…

this guy seems to be having fun

It needs to break in, get a clean unresponsive bearing or clean that one and just play it until it becomes unresponsive.

No way it plays like that out of the package. The slightest tug caused my yo-yo to come back eagerly. Slack tricks are out of the question.

I’ll see what I can do to break it in.

Throw a strong sleeper and attach it to a hook and let it spin :).

That guy is a member here… That video is in the video section… Send the dude a message and ask him what he did to get it that way.


FYI he’s a Yomega Ambassador