What to do if your yoyo is too responsive

Many people were asking, so here goes nothing!

If your yoyo is responsive, and it was meant to be unresponsive, do the list.

  1. Just play with it for a while. Playing for around 7 hours will break in most, but 10 Balls will require around 24 hours of playing.

  2. If you have done that, and it is still responsive, but it got better, repeat! If it didn’t get better, go to step 3.

  3. Clean the bearing. Check out Samad’s post.http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,871.0.html

  4. What is your response? Are there ways to purchase unresponsive response? If there is an O-ring Groove, how about siliconing it? If it is a starburst, how about sand paper? (This method cannot be reversed. Or just play until your response is worn, if it is a sticker response.

  5. If you’re here, and it is still responsive, try changing your string type. Switch from cotton to polyester, get thinner string, different string.etc

  6. Now if it is still responsive, post.

If it was made to be responsive:
O-ring: Silicone it, or you can shave the o-ring in half, and then insert it back in, so the unshaved side is up.

Starburst: Sandpaper at your own risk.

Friction Sticker: You can try different kinds of friction stickers, like a kentaro. You can put it on a drill and carve a groove ring around the place where the friction sticker goes and silicone it. But this method is harder, and requires more advanced tools, so there is another option.You can do a dot-brake mod. What you do is to drill holes where the friction sticker is, very carefully and not going through the plastic. You’ll be left with little holes. Fill this with silicone.

Fixed Axle: Oil the string like heck.

If you can’t figure it out, come here.

Responsive yoyos:
Duncan: All
Yoyojam: Sunset Trajectory, Lyn Fury, Kickside, Journey, Speedmaker, Big Ben, Aquarius
YYF: Velocity, Speed Dial, Fast 201,
Hspin: None
Caribou Lodge: None
One-Drop: None

Duncan: None
Yoyojam: Legacy, Dark Magic, Speeder, Black Knight, Sigma Blade Zwei, X-Convict, Hitman, Mini-Motu, Mini-Motrix, Axiom, Meteor.
YYF: All Metals
Hspin: All
Caribou Lodge: All

I’m pretty sure I have some of these wrong, and didn’t mention a lot. Please help me make this better.


Great post of extreme quality. I’m sure this will help many people in the future! Kudos Batyrn!!!


??? you forgot the biggest part in making a yoyo unresponsive- cleaning the bearing anyone?

Right… I was wondering if you read it! It was on purpose! I wanted to make sure you weren’t just saying stuff! ;D Yeah right.