Responsive non-responsive yoyos!?

(Runez4lyf) #1

My yoyojam DM is coming back up to my hand when I flick it like gravity pull.

I have made no adjustments to this yoyo e.g bearing or response.

The only thing different than from the packet is I have some new coloured cotton strings.

Please help / Is this meant to happen?


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(G5 Warrior) #2

can you describe it a little bit better?you dont or do want it too come back up? just keep spinning ;D

(J. Lev) #3

Cotton string does tend to be more responsive, I’d recommend polyester. Also, try loosening the gap a little bit.


Well you shold leave bearing into some paint thinner for at least one minute and affter dry off real good but its kind of a risk if you do not dry of bearing good and quick it could get rusty noisy and responsive

I call this Yoyo bearing Flu 3.0

(Mark) #5

Maybe you might have double looped it? and check if your bearing is bad as Abe said.


Break it in. All DMs are responsive at first.,2237.0.html



Thin Lube!!! :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley:

(Shisaki) #9

I would also recommend cleaning the bearing with paint thinner then drying it with some compressed air. If you don’t lube it the bearing might rust but I take that chance because it spins a LOT longer without lube, lube just slows it down. Or you just might need to break it in.


if it is a stock bearing there is no reason to clean it,when it become noisy its broken in,also,dont worry if it gets brown,that means its broken in too. :slight_smile:


That was really pointless…

Anyway, try to change the strings, and loosen the gap. If it doesn’t work, chances are the bearing is the problem

(J. Lev) #12

On the contrary, lube makes a yoyo more responsive, he wants less.


Thin lube works well at breaking down the thicker factory lube in most bearings.

(Runez4lyf) #14


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(Runez4lyf) #15

I dont want it to come back up sorry


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Use the strings a lot to thin them out.