Is There a Way to Quickly Responsive-ize a yoyo (And then switch back?)

Do I thick lube some bearings? I don’t know.

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You can lube the bearing. It doesn’t have to be thick lube, enough thin lube will do it. It still wont take all that much lube, just a drop or two.

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Buy an adjustable gap or solid spin YYJ.

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A half hitch or clove hitch knot in the middle of your bearing will make it responsive too

Wrap the string around the yo-yo more than once. How many times you need to do it depends on the yo-yo. Then you can just undo it whenever you want.


It depends on the yoyo. What works for some won’t work for all. Thick lube works pretty much every time through. But when you’re done, it’s best to clean out the bearing. So, this nukes it on the QUICK fix back and forth.

Double or triple wrapping the string can work pretty good but not all the time.

Adjustable gap yoyos are fine, but I have a problem with them as I feel they may want to come apart. They won’t. It just goes against my mindset of “twist to adjust” like that.

Lastly, there are adjustable response yoyos such as the YYF Fast 201, Velocity and the B-Grade Speed Dial. I picked up a Speed Dial for the novelty effect. Since I’m often around small kids and I don’t necessarily want to change yoyos, this is ideal as I can go from responsive to unresponsive quickly. It is a bit lighter than I would prefer though. It is metal with plastic rims. With the B-grades at $20, get one before they are gone.

However, my ultimate suggestion would be to just carry a yoyo set up as unresponsive and another set up as responsive. If using the same yoyo model, then I suggest different colors so you can tell at a glance what is what.

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I’ve wrapped a string around an unresponsive yoyo as many as 5 times if necessary so it responds. It turns a bit on some string tricks but it’s kinda cool cause you train yourself to control it. I think it’s wrapped 5X on my MMN, my Aoda little and my 3yo3 Omnicron X. I hear the YYF adjust o matic is an awesome yoyo for what you want it to do quickly…around $80 though but gives you versatility.

Maybe get two bearings, one broken in and another heavily lubed?

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My suggestion is to keep one regular sized bearing and a slim bearing. the DM2 comes with both so you can learn on a responsive yoyo (slim bearing) then advance to non responsive (regular bearing)

I keep a few slim bearings in my bag for when people say “this is broken. It wont come up.” I explain the bind then I say “Try This” and i put in a slim bearing. Works every time.

For max spin times i keep them clean and dry, no lube.

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Extra string wraps and heavy lubing could work (like every one else said). You could also get some duncan friction stickers and use them if you dont already have some laying around. They are handy little things to have.

I usually run dry bearings but when I need response I just pop in a lubed bearing…not thick lube but just enough to do the job. As someone else mentioned you only need a few drops. I would experiment with it and see what works best for you and then you can have a responsive bearing prepped and ready to go when you need it.