Tying string to make it responsive

I need to make my DM responsive, I can’t tighten it any tighter than what it is and it is isn’t responsive, is there a way i can tie the string so it is responsive.

That should work, but thick lube would be better.

I try double loops and that is what i normally play responsive with, i have mondo strings and also i didn’t really want to lube the bearing, i will but i didn’t want to, if i don’t want it responsive afterwards how do i make it unresponsive again

Either just play with it, clean it, or add a drop of thin lube and it should break down the thick lube.

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It’s not as quick a solution as just going back to single loop, but all you have to do is clean the bearing. It’s not difficult to do, but it can be intimidating at first. Would you like a video?

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Possibly easier than cleaning the bearing if you want to switch back and forth quite often, how about buying a second bearing?

Keep your stock bearing as your responsive bearing. Then pick up an upgrade. 10 ball, concave, or whatever suits you. Then you’ve got an unresponsive bearing too.

I don’t know that much about bearings so I wouldn’t know which one to get, I don’t have the money at the moment though, I just bought a legacy. I was gonna use my DM for my left hand in 3a and would want it to be pulled back but I only, at the moment, have two yoyos and they are the DM and the legacy.

Oh yeh JM a video would be extremely helpful.

Thanks for all your help.

definitely buy a 2nd bearing and run it clean.
slowing the bearing is is a MUCH more consistent means of increasing response than doubling up your string loop. yyj thick lube is great.

What you saying, buy a new bearing and add thick lube to it to make it responsive and just use that for the DM bearing for 3a. Or are you saying buy a new bearing to use for 1a unresponsive and use the already used bearing for 3a that already has lube in.

If you just bought a Legacy, problem solved.

It uses the same bearing as the DM. Dedicate one bearing as responsive and one as unresponsive. Just switch the bearings in and out between yoyos depending on what you’re doing.

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I looked at that and they looked a but different, may be because one is shinier, lol so just use one for responsive and unresponsive, good idea


I just made a huge mistake, just found out that the lube I had got was thin, only figured out that it was thin after I added some, lots, to the bearing. Any ideas on how to make it responsive again.

Thin lube won’t make a yoyo unresponsive, just keep it lasting longer while maintaining the responsiveness it’s at. It actually should be responsive if you put a lot in.

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Put vaseline in there.

Like normal lip balm vaseline


Thick lube should work