Way to make yoyo responsive?

Is there a way to make your yoyo responsive? Don’t have any slim bearings :confused:

Get 2 pair of response pads, and put one pair on top of the other. Responsive. If not, use thick lube or over-lube a bearing with thin lube.

Lubing the bearing usually does it. Extra pads are not needed.

You can also quintuple loop the string, but that causes vibe.

What yoyo are you using? Just wondering if a thin bearing is an option you can explore.

Other than that, lube it up with some thick lube. Add an extra loop for preferences.

Is 3-In-1 considered thick? I know they use that for the bearings used in the Walter. I think those bearings are OD 10 Ball bearings.

I don’t believe that at all.

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