Thick Lube on Speed Bearing

So, i wanted my speed bearing to be responsive so i can have a wider gap and a responsive yoyo at the same time…but even with the thick lube, its not responsive at all, the gap is too wide for the string to grap the silicone pad…any tips?

Thick lube always makes my yo yos responsive. Maybe try more lube?

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try some olive oil

Ehhh, NO.

Don’t use vegetable based oils as lubricants. They are not suited for that and they get rancid and smelly.

Did you remove the shields to lube it?

I doubt it is too wide. It is a standard sized “C” bearing, used for years by YYJ.

Correct me if I’m wrong, as I’m not anxious to try it myself:

I thought the whole purpose of the wider bearing was to incease the unresponsiveness or create a lack of responsiveness through the wider gap so the string would not so easily rub and then wind up.

If I’m throwing dead-center(I’m getting real close!!), and I tug the string, assuming the standard bearing, and using thick lube, it just seems to me that the gap would still be too wide unless I gave a massive tug and tons of string landed in the gap.

When I want a challenge, I do what a couple of other guys suggested and use a responsive yoyo to do my tricks. However, with my skill level where it is(low intermediate but I can do binding), I don’t need the challenge yet.

The point is, it’s not any wider than any other YYJ “C” bearing.

And even if it were, lube would make it more responsive. I’ve demonstrated this with my HSPIN Lilly with the 5 mm wide bearing. That one is wider than the YYJ bearing (4.75 mm) and if it’s lubed it will be tug responsive.

Making a yoyo responsive is much easier than unresponsive. Lube should be all you need. A needle tip size of thin lube made my Legacy responsive for weeks. A big drop of thick lube could last half a year.

I have tubes of a ‘Grease’ that duncan made, not sure if it is still available. But it would slow anything down.

You should make sure you take the shields off, they keep a lot of the oil off the inner bits.
Really just the thick oil should do it.


Try more Lube

Maybe an extra drop of Lube…

use white lighting lube, it used on bikes.