How can I...?

How can I make my yo-yo more unresponsive or responsive?

Unresponsive - clean the bearing.
Responsive - lube the bearing.

The amount of bearing lube is the primary factor in responsiveness or lack thereof…

Thin pads make it more unresponsive.

Lube it for responsive ness.
Clean the bearing for unresponsive play.
Check response pads.

What are response pads? And do I have to do this at a yoyo place?

They are the rubber rings In the yoyo by the bearing what yoyo do you have

Yomega Highspeed Maverick, and oh, I see them…

For unresponsive play you can also change the bearing.

I think somewhere else you referred to having work done at a yoyo factory or shop - When it comes to doing anything to your yoyo you’re pretty much on your own as far as maintenance etc. If you don’t know how to do someting check the Yo-Yo Modification and Maintenance section here.

Also there you will find the List of useful modification and maintenance guides. There’s a lot of useful stuff there.

If you can’t find what you need ask, that’s what this board is for.

Totally unnecessary.

More responsive, fill the bearing with dirt.

That’s a totally ignorant reply to a valid question from a new guy. Why don’t you go play in the unrelated section for awhile?

How do I know what bearing is what? What kind of string I have and all?

It all comes from experience. And reading things here…

I did it to make my throwmonkey more responsive… But it’s bad for the bearing, right?

I barely knew anything about yoyos, but since I’ve joined the forums I know new companies, there are different bearings, and a whole lot more