All Yoyo's can either be responsive or unresponsive

I see this question a lot.

“Is such and such yoyo responsive?”

Well let me tell you if it is and you don’t want it to be then you can change that. All you have to do is clean the bearing and Break in the response system.
Too many people are asking if a certain yoyo is responsive. Trust me when I say I can make any yoyo responsive or unresponsive. Accept for certain looping yoyo’s but you wouldn’t even want them unresponsive.

I can make an 888 or FHZ responsive and visa versa. Its fairly simple. Either add lube for responsiveness or clean the bearing to remove lube to make it unresponsive.

Its a simple concept that I wish all people would see before looking for a yoyo.

I hope this can either be a sticky or keep towards the top so all can see.


This is true.

Theres also yoyos that are just extremly tightgapped and couldn’t be unresponsive… And then a quicker (But not always as effective ) method to lubing you can double wrap your string to add response…

Good post though!

I think this would be a good guide for people who are starting out, as in if somebody bought maybe a Die-Nasty, or a Pocket Change and they never yo-yoed before, they could easily read this post, and know how to make it responsive if they want. I think this is a good idea.

This is an excellent post. I agree with Keb on the helpful to new players 110%

That was the point of this thread.

well said.

should be stickied

I want all to read this.

Thats exactly why I’m gonna



Good post is good.

I have a question… does this mean that the “response system type” doesn’t make a whole lot of a difference? it’s all in the cleanness or non-cleanness of the bearing? Because, I never know whether to get “ghost pads,” “kentaro pads,” etc. etc. for my yoyos. But if it doesn’t matter, then I won’t worry about it.

Also, one more question. I take my bearing out of my yoyo, take the shields out, put it into a jar with lighter fluid in it (the lighter fluid is maybe an inch deep), shake it for 2-3 min, take it out, put it on a stick and spin it for another 2-3 min, put some brain lube in (though I’ve also tried not putting any lube in at all), put it back the shields back in and put the bearing back in the yoyo. Then, when I try out the yoyo, it’s always pretty responsive. Is there something wrong with my process here?

Sorry, when it comes to yoyo maintenance -I’m ashamed to say- I’m completely clueless.

yes, DONT BUT IN BRAIN LUBE it slows down the bearing so it will be responsive put some thin lube on it

find it here at yye

For your first question, the response makes a lot of difference. The bearing only starts the string spinning around it when its lubed up good. The response system is what actually grabs the string and winds it up.

question 2: Thick lube is what you want to use for responsive yoyo’s. Thin lube wil for unresponsive yo’s. Also it only tkaes about 1/4th of a drop in any bearing.

Does that mean that cleaning the bearing won’t definitely guarantee unresponsiveness? You also need to understand how the different response systems effect the play?

Yeah, I actually have bought some thin lube since my last try at cleaning my bearings, but the lube isn’t what is confusing me. Like I said before, I tried the whole cleaning process without putting any lube at all in the bearing, and the yoyo was still responsive. Am I doing something wrong in the cleaning?

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Ask Larry about this too. He KNOWS!

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You could try using a different solvent, like mineral spirits. Also, I’ve heard it helps to blast it with compressed air as it dries out. This is supposed to get residue left over from the solvent out of the bearing. Never tried it myself, but it seems like a good idea.

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