If I were going to buy a yoyojamkickside/speed maker,how do i make unresponsive?

I was going to buy those two yoyos but with I saw demos of it, they were responsive. I heard you can shave down the starburst pattern,o-ring, or silicone it, then adjust the gap. I know how to silicone a yoyo but have never done it, I don’t know how to shave down the o-ring or the starburst. So if I buy it how do I make it unresponsive? any tips?

Just cleaning the bearing will make it unresponsive. Feel free to silicone the response and/or adjust the gap to your preference.

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Just break in the bearing and wear out the O-ring respone. The thing people don’t understand with the hybrid response is that it gets pretty unresponsive with time and play but most people get impatiant (like me…) and just shave the star burst or just clean the bearing. I’m not saying that doing that won’t work but just play it and it will be fine.

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Ok, thanks for the tip!

Of cleaning the bearing, replacing the o-ring with silicone, shaving the o-ring, and shaving the starburst, shaving the starburst has the least impact on the response of the yo-yo. Clean or break in the bearing before you do anything else. I personally like to clean the bearing :slight_smile:

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Clean The bearing.

Though I have had a more unresponsive experience using the kick side compared to the speed maker


Cleaning the bearing is your best bet because lube or debris can easily get into your bearing. This will make the bearing respond. Bearing cleaning is probably one of the most useful methods in yoyoing no matter if you put too much lube or dumped it in dirt.

I made my Kickside 100% unresponsive with o-ring removed, silliconed it, cleaned my bearing and put YoYoJam red Shim…

And about 99.5% of that was due to cleaning the bearing… :wink:

In regards to cleaning the bearing, how often would one recommend cleaning the bearings?

I’m too new to know when they need to be cleaned. Plus all my stuff is new as well. When to lubricate? I can figure that out.

I just wonder if I need to pull the covers off the non-responsive bearing on my DM2 when it comes time to start using that one.

Clean the bearing if it gets very loud, or rough. Or repsonsiveness and crackling.

Basically any awkwardness with the bearing or yoyo play, cleaning the bearing would be ideal.

As for lubing, for a play of 1-2 hours a day, a correctly lubed bearing may last from 1-2 month(s).

Don’t shave starburst though… it’s really hard to reverse.

I was going to say, you could get the Lyn Fury and avoid the whole shave the starburst down thing as it’s using a dual o-ring setup. My LF’s been siliconed, and is running a clean bearing. I did however put in some wire weight rings to give it more rim weight/stability as that’s one of the things the LF lacks.

Skip shaving the starburst or the o-ring. Just clean the bearing and adjust the gap. That’s all you need to do.

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