yoyojam kickside unresponsive!

If you want to make your yoyojam kickside unresponsive follow these easy steps!
1: get yoyojam thin lube* not thick*
2:clean your bearing ( while cleaning your bearing, it works best to take of the bearing shields.)
3: add 1-2 drops of thin lube on the bearing( keep the bearing off of the yoyo for this step!)
4: put the bearing back on the yoyo( note this does not make it unresponsive yet.)
5:use the yoyo a ton to break in the bearing.(5-10 mineuts of play should do!)
6:now your yoyo should be unresponsive!
7: go have fun with your newly unresponsive kickside!
note I did this like 5 months ago and my yoyo is still unresponsive!
To make it responsive clean your bearing.
Thanks for reading!

No, this makes it unresponsive.

2 drops of lube?

I think that’s gonna make it responsive. Especially if done with the shields still off. If with the shields replaced before lubrication, that still seems to be too much lube to me.

A proper cleaning, drying, then taking a pin or needle, dip that in the lube, and get some on the pin or needle, then touch the forming drop to 1-2 balls in the bearing. You may need to dip a second time to get the second little drop off the pin or needle. Spin it and replace the shields. Replace bearing, re-assemble yoyo, there ya go, unresponsive!

In my case, instead of lubrication, I Terrapin X Dry Play treated the bearings.

I had the shields on, but when I clean my bearing its off. It worked for me. But Im sure there’s many ways this can be done!

I might try that thanks for the suggestion!!! ;D really helpful!