Kickside Mods

Does anyone know a way how i can make my YYJ Kickside dead unresponsive?

Some of the things Ive already tried:

1.Opening the gap a little
3.Cleaning the bearing
4.Sanding the starburst
5.Shaving the o-ring

And none of this has made it dead unresponsive like I want. Any tips???


  1. Silicone it
  2. shims(if you want to)
  3. clean the bearing
    and then brake it in for like 1-2 days of playing with it, it will turrn unresponsive
  1. Clean the Bearing
  2. Adjust Gap
  3. Play with the yo-yo

All you need.

Breaking in the bearing was all I needed.

Mine was dead unresponsive from the start. Not sure why yours isn’t.

After I loosened the gap and broke in my bearing it was still a tiny bit responsive… Like Its weird… I can whip and lacerate? and even do a flying GT but if I tug it up It will still catch some times…

Thats what mine will do.

Break in the bearing, that really is all it takes to make it unresponsive for me.

I suggest you clean that bearing again and adding a very small amount of thin lube in it. Seems like the only thing causing your respose issue is your bearing. Everything else you did sould have worked with a properly cleaned and lubed bearing. What did you clean it with?

I cleaned it with paint thinner.

But did you LUBE it? Not all bearings like to be run dry. Some will spin terribly and some will spin forever. Lube it bro. If that doesn’t work then buy a ten ball.

Yea man I lubed it. But I might just buy either a KK or 10 ball for it.

Try another bearing? But just play with it for like 5 hours and break it in.