Help A Noobie

Just a few questions
-How can i make my yo yo a little bit more/less resposive?
-How do i mod a Kickside?
-Can some advance tricks be done on a kickside?
-And lastly how can i make my kick side sleep longer?

Thnx feels strange asking these question but thnx to any1 who helps out :wink:

Unresponsive: YOu can clean your bearing, which takes all that junk out of it, making it spin better :slight_smile: The link for the tut is :,871.0.html . You can also silicone your yoyo. YOu will find many good tuts for this on youtube; just search “How to silicone a yoyo”. A great tut for siliconing a yoyo is on The link for that tut is . Also, you can screw around a bit with the adujustable gap. it will make the gap larger/smaller and help the unreponsive/responsive factor!

Responsive: Buy some thick lube from YYE. The link is : . Just put some on the sheild of your bearing and play it a bit. Also, you could just tighten the gap.

  1. You can silicone recess, satin, schmoove, etc. a kickside. I would personally leave it as is. Why would you ruin a perfect plastic?

  2. Advanced tricks can be done on a kickside. I can easily complete eli hops, yuuki slack, and more on my kickside. its a great yoyo :slight_smile:

4.Again, clean the bearing. It will take all of that crap out of yourbearing and dissolve it. (hair, lube, etc.) Again, The link is :,871.0.html .

Hope this helped!

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  1. Simply, buy some Thin Lube for unresponsive and thick lub for responsive.
  2. You can satin it, silicone it, get shims, a new bearing, anything is possible :smiley:
  3. Of course you can.
  4. You can get a better bearing, clean your bearing, lube your bearing, add some weight to it such as metal or rubber rings.

Hope i helped you out :wink:

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How can i make my yo yo a little bit more/less resposive?

  • More responsive, add lube (other than YYJ thin lube)
  • Less responsive, clean the bearing, then give it a light lube, or just try some YYJ thin lube.

How do i mod a Kickside?

  • What doesn’t it do well enough that you think a mod would fix?
  • I’d just leave it alone.

Can some advance tricks be done on a kickside?

  • Yes, most any of them.

And lastly how can i make my kick side sleep longer?

  • Practice your throw. It needs to be straight.

less responcive-
clean bearing and use 1drops v4m lube

more repsoncive thick lube like gun oil

modding it-

i can do a lot on a kickside like a lot of people

work on your throw

THnx to all that helped THnx to all xD for answering my questions

Thin lube won’t make your throw less responsvive

If u want to save money, try to buy 3 in 1 oil from heb or walmart its only 3$ and that makes it responsive. If you want unresponsive play go to walmart and buy some gun oil or sewing oil.
also ur gunna wanna clean it in addition and there are some good videos of that on youtube

  1. Yes, you can clean a bearing with acetone, and if you dont put lube in it, it will be slightly less responsive and if you do add thick lube it will be more responsive
  2. Depends on the mods you want, the best mod for a kickside would be adding silicon when the o-rings go.
  3. Yes, you can do them with any yoyo, with a bearing.
  4. Perfect your throw is pretty much the only way

Acetone is not a good solvent for cleaning bearings. It evaporates too fast and tends to leave a residue on the bearing. Besides it’s a bit harsh on you and plastic if you happen to leave any in the bearing when you put it back on. Mineral spirits or zippo lighter fluid are better candidates. Also lube the bearing after you clean it. Dry bearings will wear and lock up.

Check this out for some good tips: