unresponsive yoyo

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hey guys,

So, in the past, i have bought two yo-yos that where supposed to be unresponsive (dark magic, dv888)
and they turned responsive. I wanted to know if, there are any unresponsive yo-yos that in your playing experience where unresponsive and stayed unresponsive without having to mod them?
and i mean dead unresponsive!!! I know that a lot of people will say to just play responsive, but i really really really like playing unresponsive!!!

thanks in advance ;D ;D

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the only thing causing a dark magic or dv888 to ‘become’ responsive is stuff getting in the bearing and slowing it down. if you learn how to keep your bearings reasonably clean, those yo-yo’s you have will stay ‘dead unresponsive’.


I’m having the same problem, I have thin lube, and it didn’t really help at all, how do you clean a bearing?

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the easiest way to clean a bearing is to deshield it, then submerge it in mineral spirits for ten minutes or so, before spinning it dry (ie on the tip of a pen).

do NOT use wd40 or other fast-evaporating solvents. using thin lube will protect the bearing, and prolong its life, but it still slows the bearing somewhat. personally, I almost never clean bearings.

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guys, my bearing is cleaned all the time. And the bearing seat is free from anything. I just want you to tell me if there are any yoyos that are unresponsive and stay unresponsive!!!
(i clean my bearings in motor oil) like i asked!

and the only reason i ask this is because i am afraid to buy a 100$ yoyo if it’s going to unresponsive out of the box, (like my dv888 and DM where) but over about a 2 week or so time period, turn responsive.

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most yoyos stay unresponsive. the only reason my yoyo bearing have become responsive is because i lubed them with WD40 or Valve oil for a trumpet. bad idea.

and you can learn to clean the bearings here:

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ok, I’ll try that. But if it doesn’t work, I’ll let you know. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


There’s a begginer Dark Magic that is thick lubed. Maybe you ordered that one. I don’t know what’s going on with the DV888.


That would be the reason your yoyo’s are becoming responsive.

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and this.

the more you clean your bearings the less time they will last you before they start to fail and eventually lock up. buy a stock bearing and just break that sucker in. it’ll be unresponsive in a day or two (if you throw a lot) and will last you a good long time. people who get really uptight about making sure their bearings are spotless tend to do more harm than good.

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I’m sorry, i clean my bearings in lighter fluid. And i only clean my bearings about 1 every 3 months.


This made me lol… Ed, you don’t use a lot of bearing type yo’s. lol
I know you have them but I see you as a fixed axle aficionado. That is what made me laugh.
A fixed axle guy not cleaning bearings that often. lol Just makes me giggle.

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i play bearings just as much as i play fixed these days.


… That makes sense, I used to only use compressed air to blow out my bearings, then decided to start using mineral spirits to clean instead, and I noticed that they seemed to crap out quicker on me, though I didn’t attribute it to the cleaning at the time.

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Blasphemy I say! :wink: