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Welcome Dave! Glad to have you here!

It’s probably a problem with your throw. If it’s tilting one way, try tilting your hand the other way. Work on it and you’ll have a nice straight throw soon.

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any way it also could be that the axle is bent that would also make it wobble/tilt.
hope i helped

It is your throw. You may get a konkave bearing to help centre your string, but I would strongly reccomend you to work on your throw.

You could always try and exaggerate a counter-movement. Like deliberately trying to get it to tilt left.
I’m a new player, and I have the same tendency. So when I want to work on correcting it, I try and get it to tilt left and gradually try to get a feel for when the yo-yo’s gonna stay in the middle.

Good luck with your throw. It’s probably the hardest part of yo-yo’ing…!

It’s either your throw or the yoyo i’m not sure because i’ve never herd of that yo before but i’m pretty sure it’s your throw remember it’s all in the wrist and you also might want to think about buying a better yo maybe a dark magic or a pgm, pgm if you can bind well or a dark magic if you are working on binding since it can be responsive and unresponsive. :slight_smile:

stnd with toes aginst wall through try not to hit wall that will get a perfect breakaway

If it’s tilting, it’s most likely your throw. However, since it is a bootleg yoyo it might be defective. Hopefully the DV888 will work for you. :slight_smile:

Its definitely not the yoyo. Just keep at it and your throw will eventually get better.

Yup. And next time you can edit your post. At the top right corner of every one of your posts is a Modify Post button. It’s very helpful. :wink: