String on the Bearing

So I was wondering… Why when I sleep my yo-yo, it sometimes is tilted?
Well I looked at the bearing and the string, and noticed that the string is at one side of the bearing…
Is this what is effecting my tilt? Or is it just my throw? Cause sometimes I throw it nice and smooth and it’s not tilted.

it’s your throw. the yoyo can be level and the string still be on the side.

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Ok thanks! ;D

Yup, just agreeing with Cruton.

I practiced alot with a fast 201 to get my throw angle right without having to bind right after throwing and hurting my hand or fingers possible. You practice and you’ll get better, I always tell everyone I rather have a great straight throw then try learning tricks with a Yoyo that’s tilted or if it doesn’t spin very long. Just practice your throw more then anything else

Your throw, but it will work itself out over time. Just keep playing and it will naturally solve itself.

To fix the tilt, twist your wrist slightly the opposite direction of the tilt when you throw. Adjust the twist as needed.

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