Tilting Yoyo?

I am having a problem where when I am doing side mount tricks my yoyo starts to lean , tilt to the inside or outside. Is this caused by the strength of the throw? String tension? Or maybe keeping the yoyo straight while on the string? Thanks for the help.

Your issue could be the result of many things, a straight throw being one, as well as your strings rubbing the side of the yoyo. You will learn to adjust this without thought but it does take time.

Try this: Throw a trapeze, now intentionally try to make the yoyo tilt by moving your throw hand, forward and away from you while bringing you non throw hand closer to your body. Now reverse the process and you will notice the change in lean quite quickly.

So in short: Good throws and accurate string placement are your secret. However, as you know all yoyos lean if they are allowed to spin long enough. Try throwing harder and straighter, possibly, as well.

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Also when you throw pay attention to the position of your wrist. If the yoyo tilts left or right, twist your wrist slightly the opposite direction on the next throw. Adjust your wrist twist as needed.

Thank you ! I have used your advice and it has helping. Thanks again,

Also, one more thing, practice getting your throw straight with a medium force sswing g of ur arm/wrist. If you just starting and trying to throw the yoyo really hard and fast to get a long spin, that might be what’s causing you to make the yoyo lean. Practice perfecting your throw little by little and making it straight. Then, practice adding more force so you can have a good straight throw, while adding more spin time.

Good luck and keep us updated!

I agree with all that, but the brake pads could be going out as well. That happened to me on my 888 before.