Tilting Yoyo?

I recently got my first unresponsive yoyo and when I throw the sleeper, it starts tilting to one side, which stops the spin really early. Is this something with only my yoyo or common with unresponsive yoyos? Is there a way I can keep it straight?

It’s all in the throw. Just keep practicing your throw and over time they will get straighter and straighter. Hope this helps :wink:

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Which yoyo did you get?

I’ve been trying to upload a really short video for you to see (20 seconds); however, my internet is super slow and will not allow me to do so. Tilt is an extremely common issue, don’t worry. To aid in leveling the yoyo back off, gently move your hands opposite directions (one towards and one away) while in a trapeze. Depending how you threw the yoyo (breakaway or front style) you will have to change which hand is forward and which is backward. Hope this helps and let us know if you have more questions! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I tried that and it does help. I’ve also been practicing straight sleepers and can keep the yoyo straight longer before it starts tilting again. I guess it’s all about practice.

I’m guessing you already have a string centering bearing in your yoyo, but if it’s a flat bearing, you can upgrade to a string centering bearing, and that will help your throw to stay straighter

It’s a 10 ball kk bearing, so yes it’s a string centering bearing, and will help the string stay centered and straighter throws.

As you get better you will learn to apply slight sideways pressure on the string to the sides of the yo-yo to straighten it out. It will become apparent later.

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It’s not necessarily ‘all in the throw’, because even if you can throw completely straight (which is rare even for pros), it will start tilting if you don’t know how to balance it.
Basically you need to align the yoyo with the string as straight as possible. But since tricks are dynamic, the yoyo will start tilting slightly to one side. In this case you have to move the string slightly off the plane that the yoyo will start tilting to the other side.
You’ll need to do this for the whole duration of the trick.


Yes this is very good advice. Sorry, the reason I said it is all it the throw is because when I read the op’s question I thought he was just throwing sleepers, not doing any tricks. He doesn’t make any mention of it tilting during tricks just right after throwing a sleeper it starrts to tilt. But this is still very helpful when you do start trying tricks. But if this is just happening after you throw it with no trapeze etc. attempts it is probably just your throw. But this will get alot better really quick if you keep working on it :+1::wink:.

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Yeah sorry I forgot to mention that it also happens during tricks. If the yoyo is tilting during straight sleepers, it will definitely tilt during tricks. But I’ll keep in mind the advice, and hopefully I get better over time. Thanks again guys!

No need to apologize, you’re actually right, I just added more details so that it’s not misunderstood.

To OP, just keep playing it. Over time you will get better and better to the point you just don’t think about throwing straight or even trying to balance the tilt anymore, it’s like riding a bike.

Two things helped me when I started.

  1. A faster/harder throw helps keep the yoyo in line (assuming a relatively straight throw) for longer.

  2. I used a horizon, which I found really stable compared to others. Once I got the hang of it, I didn’t need to rely on the super stability of the horizon for most tricks. That being said, I use my more stable yoyos when learning a longer trick that is hard to get.