why does my yoyo tilt when i throw my yoyo

hi i have been yoyoing for a couple of weeks now and still when i throw my sleeper it tilts to 1 side as soon as i throw it. ive been working at it but i just cant get it thx guys plz answer

Here is a topic that might help you- http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,2472.0.html

that just means you need to work on throwing cleaner and more precise, which is something that really only comes from practice, keep it up!

keep your hand upside down, palm facing strait up till you let the yoyo go.

Well its just your throw, when you throw make sure you throw straight down. Don’t think about it just keep yoyoing, itll eventually straight itself out.

well try to not tilt your hand to the side when u throw your yoyo

You guys just said throw the yoyo straighter in 4 different ways.

also, try and take your time and concentrate more on how straight rather than how strong you throw

and while you’re at it, practice to also throw a straight breakaway as you’ll soon throw alot more of these than straight/forward sleepers

straight throw + good string tension (even) is half of the job, I know once I got these right, things became MUCH easier

tilt like this //

or like this () to ( )

keep practicing, but if you are constantly practicing and still not getting the result you want, you might be practicing with the wrong technique, if so try different things and if your throw improves when trying new things then examine what you did last time and you’ll find out what you did wrong

First, put your yoyo in you hand, and make a muscle. Then, make sure your middle finger is lined up in the middle of the gap. Finally, throw down hard, stopping when you elbow is straight. Btw, you need to snap you arm out to get a strong sleeper. I had this problem when i started out too. Remember, the most important part is to practice.

This didnt help much.You just told him how to throw.Make sure you go straight down, for me when i throw harder it helped with my tilting.

make sure that the weight of your yoyo is balanced on both sides