Keeping your throw Straight

Basically I’m wondering if any of you guys have a problem with your yoyos tilting in the middle of tricks/ sleepers. I usually throw fairly straight sleepers/ breakaways, but noticed that my yoyo would tilt in the middle of a trick. So one thing I did to solve this problem was try to keep the string centered on the yoyo at all times, especially when I have multiple layers. I also tried adjusting the tension better beforehand. This helped, but I still noticed some tilt after the throw (so my throw wasn’t the problem). Any advice?

I am using a yoyofactory JK. No mods, standard response (CBC Slim pads, diameter 19mm), the size C SPEC bearing. But I cleaned the bearing and added a drop of thing lube. I use 100% poly string. Thanks!

i’m not very credible as i just began yoyoing, but i experience the same problem. i ordered a twisted trifecta bearing with the groove and i’m hoping that will help solve the problem… good luck

It’s not the yoyo - it’s your throw. A good throw is something that takes years to perfect. It may not seem like it’s your throw, but trust me, it’s your throw. It’s something that every yoyoer has dealt with.

But don’t worry, the more you throw, the less the yoyo will tilt. It’s a natural effect of more practice.

Also, make sure that you are keeping everything on the same plane. You want the string to rub against the inside of the yoyo as little as possible.


That’s your problem. I’m sure your throw is relatively straight, but string coming in contact with one half of the yoyo will tilt it in the opposing direction. It will take quite a long time, but you’ll eventually be able to keep all your string hits from causing tilt by minimizing the time string contacts the yoyo.

Keep practicing and don’t get discouraged. I’ve found that there are no easy or simple solutions to problems with yoyoing. Practice is the one element of yoyoing that remains constantly at the top of every “How-To” and “FAQ” created to describe our hobby.

I have the same issue, but it gets a little better every time I practice. I use a cheap responsive throw just for practicing non stop straight up and down sometimes; it helps me with repetition.

Ok, thanks guys. Basically I just have to practice throwing straighter. Are there any ways to throw sleepers/ breakaways that worked better for you guys than the regular? I don’t know any for sleepers, but I know for breakaways you can use the “doorknob” method instead of making a muscle. Are there any others? Thanks!

There are plenty of different techniques for throwing a yoyo, but not a single one of them will help you more than practicing and becoming comfortable with your own throw.

I throw the same way I do whips, so 90% of the spin is imparted once the yoyo has already unwound halfway. That technique will likely be very uncomfortable for you and most other yoyoers, but I’ve gotten so comfortable with it that it functions the same as any other throw. You need to find your own throw and work from there, not find a throw and imitate it.

I know my above statements aren’t going to give you much insight into your short-term problem, but what I’m about to say likely will. Don’t focus entirely on getting a straight, powerful throw. Instead, focus on having a smooth and easily repeatable action that results in a throw you can work with. Basically, having a straight and strong throw is a great goal, but to get there you’ll need to find a smooth and fluid motion that works for you.

If I were you, I’d just throw and throw while letting my mind drift. After an hour or so, you’ll probably be performing the same throw every time and, regardless of the straightness or power of the throw, you’ll have something consistent and repeatable to work with. Once you’ve got a throw you’re comfortable with, just repeat it until you’re happy with the results. Life doesn’t get more simple and relaxing that working on a single element of yoyoing, so try to enjoy the process as much as you can. That is the point, after all.