How to keep a yo-yo straight?


I have been trying to keeping my yo-yo straight so it doesn’t fall off my string and die. For example, I have been trying to do a full McBride’s Roller Coaster, but after going from One and a Half to trapeze and his brother, my YYF Whip starts slanting and then by the time it’s at Double or Nothing, the yo-yo just falls off and dies because it’s too slanted. Any suggestions on what I could do?

Are there any ideas on what I could do other than buying a center trac bearing?


centering bearings wont help much. Best advice is to keep your strings in line and when doing string tricks keep the strings from touching the sides of the yoyo too much.


I guess a center trac bearing would help a little, but by no means get rid of the problem. Keeping a yoyo straight is all about your throw and technique while doing the trick. While I’ll leave the actual explaining to the other members of the forum, I can say that these problems are almost never the yoyo, only the player themselves.

Also, I don’t want to sound like I’m pointing fingers and accusing you of not having a good throw/technique. I think many of the members of this forum at one time or another (including me) have had people tell them that the solution to a problem is their throw.


Work on your throw?
I think if your original throw was perfectly straight it might help out.
I know what you mean, it is a problem all of us have experienced at some point.
It’s caused by the string rubbing on the response.
The easiest thing to do would be to buy a center trac, or if possible, a heavier throw.
The Whip isn’t very stable, which adds to your problem.



Yeah, I think I’m having trouble even keeping a straight sleeper.
Should I just practice on throwing the yo-yo up and down and side ways until I have the yo-yo straight both ways?


Think about the string in the gap of the yoyo and the bearing in the yoyo both being lines, if the lines are parallel then the yoyo will stay straight, if you move away from parallel your string will rub the inner walls of your gap causing the yoyo to tilt and lose spin time.

I hope this helped


Also, I think the problem with me and McBride’s Rollercoaster is that when I push the string from One and a Half into a trapeze and his brother, I push the string a bit too roughly or something and that’s where the tilting begins.
I mean, I can do Matrix or Magic Drop just fine.

I think I’m having trouble just getting into One and a Half.
Every time I do it, my yo-yo always gets slanted, making tricks such as Buddha’s Revenge more difficult then it should.


I use Elephark’s method of adjusting tilt, but I find the best thing is to straighten things out is to just work on your throw. Look at your hand, look at your orientation of your hand throughout the entire throw and your follow-through.

I find for some reason my breakaway is straighter than my front throw.

Now, is the problem STAYING straight or is it not straight in the first place? I find knocking the string accidentally with the yoyo is my biggest problem. That and the yoyo not being in the same plane as the string I’m trying to land it on. If the angle is off, it is usually due to my fingers or hands not being aligned properly and causing many of these problems.

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Something that I find really helpful is to go yoyo where the floor has lines on it (tiles or hardwood, for example,) and try to throw the yoyo so the line aligns with the gap of the yoyo. Its hard, but it gets you throwing straight.

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one thing i found that helps is to stand close to a wall facing it. this will help you keep the yoyo straight or you are going to hit the wall. this works with juggling also if you have a tendency to throw juggling balls forward.


Proboably because when you come up and hit the string you are hittting the side. Another way to fix this is simply by concentrating on turning to the side throw hard and straight and complete your trick.


YES, very much so. You should not try to learn anything unless you have a nice straight throw in both the breakaway and the front throw positions. Most of the time the problem is the throw in the cases and also buying another bearing will not help at all, it will help some but that is for more advanced play and just not as effective with early tricks. Work on that throw and all will fall into place.


practice, keep ur strings straight, dont hit the side of the yoyo, having a heavier yoyo might help but thats not fixing the problem thats covering it up?


If you watch that video I posted you can clearly see him throw a good sleeper with plenty of spin time and have it instantly tilt when the string gos out of plane. Keep the string inline with the gap. Practice is your problem yoyos won’t help much.