[HELP] YoYo angle


hey you,
first of all, sorry for my bad, sometimes misleading english.:slight_smile:
so my problem is that when i throw my yoyo(yyf one) sometimes it gets into a wrong angle( string isn’t in the middle of the bearing), that both sides aren’t straight down to the ground and then the string touches one side of the yoyo and it wont sleep as long as if the string would be in the middle of the bearing. that faults that sometimes i can’t male stringtricks some time, please help me:)


Just work on your throw it takes awhile to get a good straight throw consistently, but you will eventually get a hang of it. So keep practicing.


thanks for your reply, but i think you dont get my point.
my throw is ok, the problem is that the stringending that’s twisted with the bearing is atone side, so the yoyo angle keeps droppin.


Yeah, I understand what you mean. Still work on straight throws all the time and the bearing will straight up by itself. And make sure when you’re doing tricks, the string is also straight so it doesn’t touch the sides [walls] that makes it tilt.


You could buy a center track bearing. they are designed to keep the string in the middle of the bearing. I just purchased one http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/709/Twisted-Trifecta-Bearing there are others cheaper though. Also people say it’s tricky to match up yo-yos and centered bearings so I’d ask someone who has tried a center track with a ONE to find the best center bearing for it.


hmm, kay.:smiley: yea, anybody know which bearing size is the unresponsive from the one?:slight_smile:


Actually, it is your throw…

The cure: twist your wrist the opposite direction of the tilt. If the yoyo tilts to the left, twist your wrist slightly to the right on the next throw. Adjust as needed. You will eventually develop a feel for what is right and it will be repeatable.

The reality of the “centered string” is that it is a myth. The string will rarely be centered on a flat bearing, but with a straight throw, it doesn’t matter all that much.


For the yyf ONE I believe it’s a C size bearing. I would suggest practicing your throw as well; even if you’re confident in it practice makes perfect


i say center tracks are the most like flat bearings out of all the centering bearings. and its designed so the string wont hit the walls, the string isnt always in the center on a throw. ive tried it on a one, its decent. but if your going to buy a $10 bearing, you might as well get a new yoyo in my opinion. now your getting in to a new world!


That’s definitely your throw. Keep practicing and it will get better. And don’t get a new bearing, just having better bearing/yoyo won’t make you any better. Here are two great videos on this topic.


oh, thank you guys, needed to practice on my sleeper:)