String off Center

Hi Everyone! I currently have a C3 Capless and I LOVE IT. Except many times I will throw perfectly straight, but the string will be off center (the loop that goes around the YoYo’s axle). This will cause the YoYo to precess to the direction opposite where the string is more prominent on the bearing at a very fast speed. This doesn’t help especially for any string tricks, but sometimes during tricks the string will center itself on it’s own, but then other times it will start centered and then get off center easily during tricks and still cause issues.

Now I am not sure if this is the Capless since it has a pretty huge gap compared to most throws, or whether I should try a center track or konkave bearing.

Currently I have a 10 ball one drop bearing in and it is super smooth and flat.

Has anyone had this issue or anything similar? Any advice would be appreciated!

THANKS! ::slight_smile:

Not quite sure what you mean here so…

If the issue is the yoyo tilting- I know you may not like the thought of this, but get as close as you can to a wall, and throw right in front of you, this could help. Ensure your arm is directly parallel with the wall when you throw. 99% of the time, you may not think it, but it’s your throw.

If the issue is the loop of the string not being in the direct center of the bearing (or gap)- you don’t have to worry about this… it isn’t really a problem.

If you still think there is an issue a Center Track or KonKave bearing is a good investment to make whether the issue is present or not.

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I have a Capless with a flat bearing. Don’t obsess over what the string loop “looks like” in the gap (ie. centered or not). When you bind, the wrapping effect can and will often push the string loop to one side or another. It won’t be magically at the center again when those wraps unwind from a throw.

With a strong throw along a straight plane, the yoyo’s gyroscopic abilities will keep the tilting more or less in check, unless all you’re doing is looking down the string into the gap and waiting for it to tilt… because it WILL eventually tilt if you sit and stare at it… If you have a good throw and move into a trick instead of worrying about whether your string is perfectly centered or not, you’ll never even know the difference.


It is just a normal part of yoyoing. The bearing is flat so the string has plenty of room to move about that flat surface. The only way to MAKE the string stay away from the wall of the yoyo is to use a Center Trac, KK, Trifecta or other string centering bearings.

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Thanks for the reply’s everyone!

Yeah basically it is the loop of the string not being centered on the bearing. The YoYo doesn’t tilt, it will just precess around it’s axis way faster if the loop isn’t centered. It’s not a huge deal, just gets annoying shifting to follow the YoYo’s new plane. If the loop is perfectly centered it will literally stay in the correct plane for the rest of the spin, and if it’s just barely off, it will start turning on it’s axis very fast.

I guess I will just try to work on my throw more and not to focus on it as much.

Perfectly normal… if you do want to buy a CT or KK though, it’s always nice to have.

You can also use your throw hand when in a trapeze to control the tilt if you move your TH toward yo the Yoyo will tilt away from you. If you move your hand away from you the Yoyo will tilt towards you. Not sure if that made sense but you will get the hang out of it soon:)

Good and true tips! Except he’s not worried about tilt so much as precession (I didn’t know what that word meant until I looked it up). The GIF in this Wiki article will illustrate:

More like when you’re looking down at it from a bird’s eye view, the slight (imperceptible sometimes) tilt from the string being off-center will also cause the yoyo to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.

I really don’t think it should be much of an issue if you’re doing tricks. It’s the sort of thing you mainly notice by throwing a sleeper or breakaway and watching it.

Yeah it isn’t so much the tilt, but the thing is that if the string loop around the axle is off center and the YoYo’s axis begins to rotate, if I don’t shift my own body to match it’s rotation exactly, it will cause the Yo to tilt easily. That is where it gets frustrating. :-[

Almost all yoyos come with flat bearings, and they don’t tilt, it might be your throw, you can’t say “I Threw It Perfectly Straight.”

Its your problem, not the yoyos.
Its 100% your throw.
Your fav yoyo is the Capless, and your fav tric is plastic whip, that spells newbie(nothing wrong with this, we all start with plastic whip, it was my first favorite trik as well), id guess youve been throwing less than 6 mos.
So you are trying to fix something that isnt broken, your yoyo precesses, simply because you don’t throw it that hard.
Throw harder, with more SPIN, its not the force you ‘throw’ with its the spin you put on it, so work on getting a real strong wrist flick and your precessing problems will disappear, guaranteed.
The bearing sold with the capless is perfectly fine for the life of the yoyo.
And more importantly, a string centering bearing wont solve the precess because the precess is caused by your throw.

Yes you are correct, i have been throwing less than 6 months and it is most definitely my throw. Thank you for being blunt and honest ;), i will work on the wrist flick indefinitely to reduce precession.

After your throw If its off-Center or tilting then do a trapeze and move your throw hand in the way you want it to tilt. Left makes the yoyo turn left and so forth.


STOP GIVING INCORRECT ADVICE. Even if it is well-meant.

Precession isn’t in your throw. It’s inherent in the play of flat bearings. Some folks find it annoying, but for the most part it isn’t really a big deal unless you’re throwing 3A.

Working on your throw will reduce tilting and string friction with the sides of the yoyo. It will make your muscles stronger and more adapted to throwing, resulting in more power—together resulting in longer and more useful spins. But precession will remain, even after a hundred years of practice.

If you don’t want precession, get a string-centering bearing. Simple as that.

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Exactly what I was looking for this whole time. THANK YOU! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: