ahhhh! my yoyo always tilts a bunch on side throws!


Its getting annoying, with my supernova, when I throw a trapeze and keep it there for like 5 seconds, it tilts a bunch and falls off the string. Then dies. Im using a flat bearing, should I use a center trac? Should I just fix my throw?its making it hard to learn tricks too, like I was trying to learn underwater basket weaving, I didn’t know it was a trick and it looks easy, and it spun out like 3 times!! How do I keep that from happening?


If it’s tilting on the trapeze, it could also be alignment of the strings within the gap. With one hand more forward, you will cause the yoyo to tilt. This is actually how you correct tilt when your yoyo goes off axis, but assuming a yoyo that’s already on-axis it will cause rather than correct tilt.


practice your throws.


Does this problem only happen with the supernova?


No. You just need to make sure the string is aligned with the gap. Any yoyo will tilt if the string isn’t straight.


I really wouldn’t know, supernova is the only good yoyo I have, therefore its the only one I use.


Get a straighter throw and take gregs advice.


But only in this. Don’t take my advice on how to stop your yoyo from being all wack coming out of Twirly Bird, because that advice will be useless. I just can’t do it! Danged off-axis frickn’frackn’mumblemumble…


The Supernova is very stable so a straighter throw will help.

Try the “Door Knob Twist” like break away throw. You never know, it might help.


Frickn frackn mumble mumble ;D thats catchyb :smiley:


Yep that’ll happen if;

  1. your throw isn’t straight or
  2. if your hands aren’t aligned

Play around with moving your throw hand forward and back and you’ll learn to control the tilt of your yoyo


I will play devils advocate here and say that a Centre Track/Concave bearing WILL help. It won’t solve the issue of a bad throw, but it will vastly reduce the tilt.


I got a Buddha ripple bearing (kon kave and center trac mix) and it did help.


Practicing your throw will be the best thing you can do.

A centered string on a crooked thrown yoyo is a centered string on a crooked thrown yoyo.


Haha thats kinda what I was thinking, I got the bearing is because I dont like flat bearings that much.


Has anyone else struggled with keeping the strings from touching the yoyo? My throws seem to be straight. Does it just take time to develop it right?


With a flat bearing, your strings will often be touching the yoyo immediately upon throwing. If you can imagine a way to have the string reliably centered on a flat bearing, I’d love to hear it. It’s generally luck of the draw! With a profiled bearing, you should be able to have a touch-free throw.

But once you start doing tricks, there will be rubbing for sure. The idea is to minimize the rubbing and the amount of force being exerted from the string to the yoyo wall, not to entirely eliminate it. That would be an exercise in futility. It’s also futile to worry about what’s happening during a sleeper. A sleeper isn’t any sort of indicator for how things will be once you start doing the tricks.


Thanks for the advice I have been putting the yoyo in front of my face inspecting it and I can’t for the life of me figure out how anyone could possibly not touch the yoyo at all. I mean I can do a few tricks but the more difficult ones have been really giving me a fit with this. Thanks again!


did anyone else think “Ahhhh! Real Monsters!”