Yoyo tilting

Hi, I am in the middle of doing a trick, and my throw starts tilting to the side. What is the best way to prevent this? I am using a dv888 and a twisted trifecta concave bearing

best way to prevent this is to keep your strings parallel with the gap of the yoyo. If the strings rub the wall of the yoyo, it will cause it to tilt.

Throw straight, and try to keep your strings aligned. This will come naturally with practice. You will learn how to straighten your throw by subtly positioning the strings in such a way that it will correct the tilt.

if that all sounds too confusing. the best answer is; practice. Just keep playing, it will come naturally.

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It makes sense, I just got to learn to keep the strings straight while Iā€™m doing a trick

Make sure your throw is straight in the first place. Doing a trick smoothly and keeping the movements and steps at a steady pace can also keep the yoyo straight. Like what was already said above, practicing and experience will cause you to learn how to correct the tilt. Hope these tips help :slight_smile:

Trifecta bearing will not allow the string to move freely while making tricks allowing the strings to re align at each time the yoyo hits the string.

My advice is quit using Trifecta bearing to KK bearing or Central Track.

I first thought it was helping me keeping the string dead center and it does at first but the more i go into tricks and longer tricks i fell that the string needs to be more free to move.

I hope i was clear on this