keeping yoyo untilited during string tricks

I’m trying to work on the intermidiate tricks that run off the split bottom mount. (atomic bomb, rip cord etc.) I’ve been able to pull off split the atom a few times but with all the others the yoyo keeps wanting to tilt and either tilts off the string and falls or snags the string and creates a nightmare of a knot…is there anything that could help me practice keeping it straight wihle its on the string? I see guys throwing the yoyo all over the place and it stays straight, I move a hand muscle incorrectly and the yoyo give me the finger. Am I just that lacking on skill?

A lot of it is practice, but a lot of the time in the more advanced tricks, the yo-yo stays balanced because there are so many layers of string going in and out, it constantly straightens it out, even if the throw was a bit imbalanced. Just work on your throws and you’ll get it straight over time.

It could possibly be your yo-yo, but I wouldn’t think so.

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I got a dark magic 2, I should also be getting a konkave bearing tommorow (if it doesn’t get misrouted again >:() I guess I’ll just practice till my fingers go numb lol

Okay, but be wary, A KK bearing doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a straight throw. It keeps your string centered on the bearing, which may help you, but if you throw crooked, it may not be the salvation you were hoping for.

I’ve had that in mind, for the most part my sleeper throws are solid…breakaway throws need work but…ahh i’m being lazy with them lol ;D, really I just feel paranoid about a flat bearing, been wanting to try a konkave for a while now anyways

Some people like koncaves, some don’t. They really don’t do anything a good throw can’t do.

As for the tilting problem, a quick search can help find lots of helpful information:

There are just a few of the topics found.

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