Threading your yoyo string

(ThRoW-b0t) #1

When I string my yoyos, I simply unravel the bottom end and loop it once around. It works fine for hard throws, and I usually change my string before it breaks… but I have problems with it going crooked after about a minute on long sleepers. Does anyone wrap their string 2 or 3 times around their bearing? I saw this one guy do it with a duncan, but it severely reduced the sleep time. I was thinking that if I wrapped it around three times and kept the last loop in the middle that it would keep the string dead-centered. Especially with large gapped yoyos, if the string is only looped once it will have a tendency to pick one side or the other when you throw a sleeper. HELPPPP!!!

(JM) #2

Let me start by saying you don’t want to wrap the string around the axle. It will make your yo-yo do funny things and you probably wont like them.

The string favoring on side of the other is all about your throw. When your throw gets nice and straight and strong, the yo-yo will stay pretty centered. I know we hate hearing it, but it just takes [shadow=red,left]practice[/shadow].


I am confused…

But if you want to keep the string centerd, try a KonKave bearing:

Double wrapping will lower sleep times and make the yo-yo more responsive. This is good for 2A or Looping

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Do you know what a KK bearing is?

edit: aww evan beat me


Pst we have them here too.

Just work on your throw. For a long time I had the problem of it being off centered, but not so much anymore.

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fixed  :wink:


im skeptical that practice can fix the string favoring one side… i dont see why it would fix that… unless youre throwing crooked…

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It could be that the throw is crooked, it could be that the throw isn’t straight, or it could be that the yo-yo isn’t lined up with the throwhand finger. I didn’t really believe it either, but it works.

(ThRoW-b0t) #9

yeah im starting to see what you’re talking about. once you throw it, if its off to one side there’s not much you can do to get it straight again. Well, you can in tricks, but i don’t have control of it yet. It’s a lot easier to just try and get it right with the throw. I guess its just gonna take me a while

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Just remember that the people that said “practice makes perfect” were fools!

Perfect Practice makes perfect. :stuck_out_tongue: