yoyo help

what are some good bearings airg,10 ball,center trac,kk

A new bearing won’t help keep your yo-yo from leaning. A better throw that will come from more practice will help much more.

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What mrcnja said is ultimately correct. A Center Track or KK bearing is designed to AID you in keeping the string more centralized when you are talking multiple string wraps around the bearing, they each have a different feel, personally I love Center Tracks, they are loud but I love the way they feel. I have never played a KK, nor do I plan to. I have nothing against flat bearings, I just prefer CT’s.

i have to disagree. i have a near perfect throw, and with the stock bearing my 888 was slowly rotating. once i popped in a KK it stopped turning

Because you can’t center your string.

Thanks I figured out the problem. My bearing and axle were on the same side when I switched them it worked fine. I have a solid spin axle on a dm2

I don’t know how that would help your problems but I am glad to hear you got it sorted out.

If switching the side the axle is on helped the problem then there was no problem with the yo-yo; only a perceived problem. The bearing and axle being on the same half won’t affect anything.

how do you center the string on a flat bearing?

Practice. If you are having problems with a breakaway then I suggest you practice facing a wall and slowly get closer to it, this will get you consistent throwing straight throws. As for crooked Sleepers, make sure when you snap your wrist to throw the yo-yo that you don’t tilt your hand one way or the other.