Begginner wants a throw w/Concave bearing?


Looking to get help, and or a yoyo with a concave bearing to purchase.

I’ve gotten binds down with the DV888, Veolocity, and Whip, but every few throws makes my string ride up against the side of one half and ruin the throw.

Any recommendations or tips?


If it is really that bad, than try pinching the string really low and bouncing it up and down. That normally centers the string.



You just have to get practice getting a straight throw. A concave will make things easier though.


It sounds like you’re throwing it sideways.


it seems to go straight down a majority (60-70%) of the time, and I know the gap between the whip isn’t that big, i just didn’t think the string would move to the side so easily.


Maybe you’re not throwing it hard enough?


Well, typically when using a flat bearing, the string will stay on one end of the bearing. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal though, as long as your throw is straight.


I’ll work on getting my throws straighter


It takes time to develop your throw. Happens to pretty much everyone. It will fix itself naturally, just keep doing what you can do for now. In a month you’ll be throwing dead straight sleeps.


Getting a centering bearing isn’t going to fix your problem with an inconsistent throwing style. Work on your throw. Just practice more. I had the same problem.

And maybe clean your bearings.

If you’re looking to the bearing to fix your problem, that’s just not the solution at the moment.


Meeehhhhh… I don’t know.

Everyone needs to work on their throw. I got centering bearings near when I first started, for much the same reason as you. I wanted a bearing to help solve my problem. Well, and I’m just a constant experimenter.

It didn’t stop me from working on my throw. A crappy throw will still give you wobble with a centering bearing. And the practice will still translate when you’re using a flat. I do think it’s worth having a flat installed into a yoyo at ready access (or heck, you can swap it back in from time to time… no rule against that…) to continually assess and practice. And for the most part I prefer flats (though I’m going through a bit of love for profiled bearings right now for some reason). But anyhow, it’s not like the centering bearing is going to obviate the need to improve your throw.

To NOT get the centering bearing because it helps solve a problem is kind of a circular argument. If everyone waited to buy a problem-solving tool until their problem was solved, they’d be less likely to buy the problem-solving tool, wouldn’t they?

I say get one. Try it. See if you like it. There’s absolutely nothing to lose. Even if you imagine that your throw will be set back a bit, does it matter? Takes you 4 months instead of 3 to get a throw that you’re really happy with (then a whole lifetime of refining and maintaining)? Are you on a tight deadline? :wink:


He’s right. You should get one and see if the problem was you or the beasdonf being flat. It will help, at least a little bit anyway.


Thanks to both of you, don’t want to turn in to a “gear will save me” type person but I may try out just a center trac bearing first since the yo-yos I have should get me to a decent level.


At some point you’re going to be trying out different bearings anyways. You’re just opting for sooner rather than later. I already went down this route when you did for the same reasons and the only thing that helped me was improving my throw, THEN the bearings started to make a difference.

Worse case is you put in a new bearing. I don’t see this being a big deal. At least you know that this is not addressing your issue so you’re going in to the situation informed of the reality. Going in with knowledge is better than just going in blindly and getting angry that your upgrade didn’t help. However, when your throw does improve, you’ll really appreciate the bearing. You can always put the old bearing back in to A/B the two. Options are always nice.