Do the "pros" use center-trac or some kind of concave bearings?

I’ve never tried one , but I would think they would be an advantage!

Someone posted that it would be a matter of preference, but I can’t imagine that it would not help at least a little.

Upgrading the bearing is probably the next thing I want to do.

The only thing that center trac / konkave bearings help with is to center the string so it doesent get slowed down by the walls of the yoyo.

That is… if you dont have a good throw. If you do, you really dont need one.

So you are saying that if you have a good throw the string will center itself?

So it might even help a newbie, as long as they could bind?

yep :smiley:

konkaves and center tracks really don’t help a lot.
Personally I prefer flat bearings but its personal preferance.

High Five

Not nearly the advantage that you’d think.

As has been mentioned already, a CT/KK bearing does little more than keep the string layers centered and away from the wall/response of the yo. This does have its obvious advantages, but it’s not something a pro would necessarily worry about. That said, there are a few pros who do employ these bearings out of personal preference.

Even the best throw will not always center a string on a flat, standard bearing. Most expert players tend not to care, as long as the yo isn’t crooked, as the string is going to move from side to side anyway during just about any elaborate string trick. So, it’s probably not something you should worry about either, but constantly practicing to improve your throw is never a bad thing!

Some players erroneously think that using such bearings is somehow “cheating” and that a “real player” has no use for such a “crutch” while they play. This is complete nonsense, and it’s just a way for people who are insecure with themselves or their game to try and somehow be superior to someone else. Worry less about bearings and more about having a good time with the hobby.

I use the Konkave bearing in every single yo I own. Personally, I think they have a longer lifespan than other bearings. I also think they spin just a little longer and quieter than most others. Of course, this could be due to the fact that the bearing is keeping my string nice and tidy for me. Who knows? :wink:

As usual, YMMV.


i usually use center tracks i really just love them it personal preferance

When I was starting out I thought that I “needed” a konkave bearing. Once I got it I realized that it really didn’t effect my play that much. So after two weeks I traded it for a offstring yoyo.

I have used center tracs in some of my yoyos, and I personally couldn’t stand them after a few weeks. The problem I have with them is that they bunch all the string layers in the center of the bearing… which, oddly enough, creates more friction as you slide the yoyo on the strings. There are certain tricks I simply can’t do with center tracs. I can’t say the same for KK’s since I’ve never tried them, but I would imagine they have similar issues. I’m sticking with my trusty flat bearings for now.

It’s you preference and just that. It’s only an advantage to some people, because it’s really just the feel. It doesn’t make anybody better or anything, because no bearing or any yoyo makes you better. Some people like the feel of a flat bearing better, while others don’t. See what I mean? :wink:

I think that the CBC Center Track bearings are better than any bearing that I have
ever tried. They spin longer than any other I’ve tried, but of course as yoyoFReeak
said, it completely a matter of preference.


im just going to throw my 2 cents in here since this was on my mind the other day. i started throwing in october. got a protostar. hated the center trac because whenever i would throw the string would always be on the side where the slant is on the center trac which caused the yoyo to tilt. so i switched after a few days to terrapins which i still think is my favorite. then i started playing a 10 ball in a few things which i liked just as much as the terrapins. my throw got better when using flat bearings as my yoyo didnt tilt and doing string tricks felt a lot smoother than having the string bunched at the bottom of the center trac… anyways yesterday i put in a center trac for the first time since i got my yoyo and my throw was improved so that i could actually throw and the string would be centered in the bearing which was nice. however i still hated the bunched up string feeling in the bearing. ill stick with my flat bearings now :slight_smile: thanks for listening to my ramble

The ability to bind or not has no bearing on the bearing used…

I have a mix of yoyos, some with flat and some with a KK. Personally I like them, but I can play either way.

I don’t think a KK/CT would help a newer player learn.

Real pro’s can play most anything and make it look half decent.

i won’t say anything.
preference is preference.

if you enjoy flat bearing, great.
if you enjoy kk, good.

as long as you can do the tricks.

anyway, i do like and prefer kk, but i dont mind throwing flat.

My experiance is the 10 ball bearing is the best, They are reall quiet, the concave s I HAVE TEND TO BE NOISE and don’t spin better than the 10 ball.
The metal sides next to the bearing do a good job keeping the string away from the response pads.
You don’t need concave.

How do you know if it is an 8 or 10 ball bearing?

You will just know lol because u will order a 10 ball or it will most likley say it.

Personally I just bought a Center Trac last night and im waiting to get it in the mail. Just got my DV888 yesterday and its amazing, honestly the reason why i got the CT was just to try it out, ill get the 10 ball when they are back in stock, doubt ill be getting a KK. Like i said honestly i just wana try em out hehe