thoughts about center trac bearing


so i havent been yoyoing that long but i love it and have lots of fun! a thought about my center trac in my protostar is that it seems like whenever i throw it, the string is always close to the side of the bearing where the slant meets the bottom… so its not really centered… its like off to the side centered i guess. which kind of defeats the purpose because my string sometime hits the side which dosent give me as long of sleeper. anyone else notice this? would a konkave bearing be the better way to go?

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Center track and KonKave bearings aren’t really as helpful as you want them to be. If you don’t have a straight and strong throw, it won’t matter what bearing you have.


Hi, at times I also have the same problem

a concave bearing will probably help but I’m inclined to say that it should be your throw, i know my problem got better along with my throw

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This is all. As long as you have a good throw it doesn’t matter what fancy-pants bearing you have. Practicing your throw is free, novelty bearings are not.


free practice > fancy stuff

but all in all, I’m not sure if it’s a bad idea to go for a concave bearing, as long as you also have a yoyo with a normal one on the side

having a concave might help yo to further work on your tricks allowing you better handling overall, but in the end, I believe a good yo yoer must be able to play with anything

but I can understand the frustration, you can already do a few tricks you want to learn more but you’re blocked by your beginner throw

bottom line being: do what you feel is right, experiment, as long as you keep having fun, it means you’re on the right track

don’t frustrate yourself by NOT buying something you feel can help you out sustaining the fun you’re having

as long as you don’t got for “pure performance” and lightning fast progress, I guess you’ll be fine.

Although, be aware of the risks of developing bad habits using advanced/expert parts or yo yos and be prepared to deal with em in the future.


Wow hadoq, for just beginning not too long ago, you really do give some great advice. That’s pretty much everything I would say if I was so inclined to give advice on this subject.

I should also say it’s nice to hear something about Center Tracs other than noise complaints.


When i first got my Protostar I figured the Center Trac Bearing would make my throw perfect, this as not the case. While the bearing does help the responsiveness, it doesn’t make the throw perfectly straight so dont expect it to.


And you shouldn’t expect it to. You shouldn’t expect anything to give you a perfectly straight throw other than a perfectly straight throw itself. That was the goal of the Center Trac design - to combine the feel of a flat bearing with the centering capabilities of a Konkave bearing. As a result, the flat area in the middle still leaves room for error. There is no substitute for good practice.


Thanks for the helpful replies. I do need to work on my throw a lot. I just thought the center trac would keep the string more centered. Not more off to the side. I’ll work o my throw and see if things change over time



I have basically the same problem, sometimes I just work on throw + bind


Seems to me having the string centerd on a bad throw is pointless, it’s still a bad throw, bind and go again. Once my throw got decent I found the terrapin bearing to work wonders 9 out of 10 times.


ive read good things about the terrapin bearing. wouldnt mind getting on in the future