center trac bearing: one trippy bearing!! XD

i think that the center trac bearing is pretty good but somtimes it can be one of the worst bearings ever! Have you ever had a yoyo that u use a flat bearing with and its tottaly smooth and when you put in a center trac its super vibey? For some reason that happens with a lot of my throws. But in the protostar, north star and all the yoyos that come stock with the bearing, they play really nice! Its really weird ahhahaha.

I don’t know what to think of C-tracs, I have a few ones, I know it’s good for the as opposed to a proper concave, but usually I prefer regular concave stuff, if not flat

only concave bearing i use are terrapin x bearings. deff more win than center tracs. i do like the singing sound that center tracs give off though!.. thats about it…