Center Trac Bearings?

It looks like a KK… what’s the difference?

Well, for one, its made by YYF. Two, it’s less expensive. Three, it’s basically a Concave shaped SPEC. So it’s very KK-ish, and has the same general purpose, but is a bit different.

the konkave looks more u shaped and this one is more shaped like this _/ but not as deep

the other difference is that the konkave keeps the string in the center and this one just keeps it off the side of the yoyo not so much in the center

They’re made the Central Bearing Co. Not yyf

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This is true.

And so much for original and unique brand images!

Notice the character for “Center” just to the left of the English “Central Bearing Co.” script.

“We’re the Central Bearing Co. We make bearings. Center bearings. Everything we do is center. Our company logo is the hànzì for ‘Center.’ You, front and center. Buy this center bearing.”

Yeah… I know about the letter… but I was wondering, what’s the difference between the two?

All you had to do was read the YYE Description. Look, I’m so nice I’ll paste it here :stuck_out_tongue:

[i]YoYoFactory in conjunction with the Central Bearing Company present to you a new bearing to make your yo-yo less responsive and smoother on the string.

The concept with center-trac: Take a normal bearing and create a flat groove towards the inside of the bearing allowing the string to remain trapped in the center away from hitting the side of the yo-yo during instense string trick play.

What this will do for you:
-Make your yo-yo as nearly unresponsive as possible when combined with a wide gap.
-Make string play smoother as it keeps the string away from catching the side of the yo-yo.

I know… but doesn’t KK do the same thing? Keep the bearing in the middle?

No. The KK keeps the string in the middle.

The Center Trac keeps the string away from the sides,

Doesnt that mean the same thing,

like the glass is half full,no the glass is half empty?

If the glass is half full to you, your a optimist. If it’s half empty, your a pessimist. So maybe these bearings are for people who are pessimists?

Lol, the KK keeps bearing at center at all times, the Center Track keeps the string from hitting the sides of the yoyo. For example, this is KK, “U” a curve like that. While the center track is _/.

I don’t think the bearings are too different at all, the purpose is the same. One might spin longer though.

That is totally different from what we are talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

The KK keeps it in the center at all times, while the Center Trac keeps a flat center with slightly raised sides to keep it away from the response,

When doing tricks it is important the string that is holding the yo-yo and the trapeze from the mount can slide side by side. Center Trac avoids them both being focused on the same spot allowing them to both sit on the flat. The __/ icon is great :smiley:

So can you still have a responsive yoyo with lube using the center trac?


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I’ve just got my center trac bearing (agree _/ is a great icon for this bearing) and did a comparison with my konkave in the same yoyo. Here are my basic results:

1.) I am a beginner, having only thrown for the first time 6 weeks ago

2.) I tested these bearings on my 2 main yoyos; my M1 and my Dark Magic.

3.) Each time I used a different bearing in a different yoyo, I installed a new sting (100% poly)

4.) I would have done more throws, but the tests with just 25 throws each, the tests took nearly 4 hours.

Result 1: 25 throws, M1, konkave, thin-lubed, average spin-time 1m55s
Result 2: 25 throws, M1, center-trac, thin-lubed, average spin-time 1m58s

Result 3: 25 throws, Dark Magic, konkave, thin lubed, average spin-time 1m45s
Result 4: 25 throws, Dark Magic, center-trac, thin lubed, average spin-time 1m37s

Since I’ve had my M1 much longer than my Dark magic, I suspect this affected my spin time on that yoyo.

Subjectively, I noticed that it was somewhat easier to do breakaway tricks with the center-trac than the konkave, but that sleeper tricks did not play noticeably different. I also did not notice much difference in the responsiveness of the dark magic at roughly the same gap size.

10 bucks says I can get more with a new YYJ bearing :stuck_out_tongue:

lol your a beast

Which one should I buy? ???

i would recomend the center trac because it is cheaper and plays just as good