what bearings


i was gonaa get a die nasty but whats the difference between the yyf spec bearings and the center trac bearings in the die nasty


I think the center trac bearings are like the yyf version of Konkaves, not sure though.


no they are flat in the pics


i am thinking of getting all of the death to metal plastics for 3a and 5a and change spec’s with the center trac’s and test em cause the die nasty and counter attack dont need center trac bearings like a BOSS does


Why would the BOSS need it and the others not?

The Center Trac is YYF’s new bearing. It’s not a Koncave in that it doesn’t keep the string centered. All it does it keep the string away from the response. I would just leave them in whatever yoyos they’re in.

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Not response=center

The center trac bearing keeps the string in center, it just has a bit more room to move than it has in a KK. It serves the same purpose.

Addment: It’s like saying: "it doesn’t keep the string away from the sides, it keeps the string away from the sides.


so the trac bearing is like a konkave bearing except YYF made it???


Ok well it doesn’t keep it as close to the center as a Koncave does. I see your point though.

Similar, but not quite the same.


ok so if you compare it to yoyo’s it would be like a B grade YYF yoyo compared to a A grade YYF yoyo. B grade being like a center trac bearing and a grade being a konkave bearing, costs less but nearly the same


People who have tried them out say that the center trac has all of the strengths of kk, and none of the weaknesses. It keeps the bearing from touching the sides but still maintains the familiar play of a flat bearing. It also doesn’t kill suicides like a kk does.


You are soooo wrong.

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I agree. Why would a center trac bearing be “B” grade and konkave be “A” grade?


thats what i thaught you never know if the trac is better then a kk well there is no better but im talking about preferences