Can't tell difference between SPEC and Center Trac?

I have tried both. The Center Trac is supposed to help center the yoyo right? However I find it no different than a regular SPEC bearing. What are your guys’ thoughts on this one?

A center trac centers the string, not the yoyo. You probably meant that, but I wanted to clarify.

  1. Is the center trac centering the string?
  2. Is the SPEC centering the string?

Your answers should be yes and no respectively.

Just wanted to add that the center trac doesn’t “truly” center the string, it just keeps it off the walls. I think a bearing like the KK is more of a true string centering bearing

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If you want the string perfectly centered try the terrapin x delta cut.

If you mean that you cant tell a difference in how it feels then thats pretty natural, especially if you are a beginner. But it doesn’t take a pro to tell you that center tracs aren’t the best bearing out there. I would go for a konkave or even a knokoff kk since those seem to be just as good imo.
IF, on the other hand, you mean that you can’t tell the difference in shape, then never fear! A SPEC is flat and a center trac looks like someone drew a line threw a “v” and cut off the bottom. Hope this helps!

I think center tracs were meant to “feel like flats” while still having the benefit of keeping the string off the wall, or at least it supposed to. However some yoyos have taller part of “cage” (not sure what it’s called), the part that keeps the string from slipping between the response and the bearing. If it’s nearly as wide as the “v” part of the bearing, that will practically kill the benefit of the bearing shape, more so if the yoyo gap is not very wide (thus the bearing drown more into the body).