center trac vs konkave

witch does a better job?
meaning witch makes it more unresponsive

I’ve never tried konkave, but I might like the center trac a bit better. It keeps the string dead center.

I would think they are both use for the same thing to keep your string centered and not touch the inner walls of the yoyo. The KK I got was responsive and needed a little cleaning. Center tracs unresponsive right out of the box or package. I prefer kk, but both are really good.

Those are just bearings.
I’ve tried both, and both can be unrespunsive, dead unresponsive as any other bearing can be.

Well, a konkave is shaped like U (though not nearly that extreme) and a center trac is shaped like _/. The konkave I believe centers the string more, but I like the feel of the center trac a lot better - I have one on all my favorite throws. Try both of them. Either of them will play just as, if not much more unresponsive than you’ll ever need.

By the way, any flat bearing I’ve tried also does an excellent job with unresponsive play as well :wink:

i prefer center trac

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i was asking the question because i wanted to know if the kk’s where more pricely because there better, thanks guys you really cleared that up for me. I will buy the center trac :slight_smile:


I’d say get a konkave. Konkave bearings are better for unresponsive play and spin longer. Center tracs are also SUPER loud and have short lives. KKs also have longer lives. Just my opinion.

If you are putting it in a yoyofactory yoyo get center trac. A koncave in a yoyofactory yoyo can mess up the yoyo.

i have a few kk bearing on my yyf yoyos and nothing has messed up yet.

i also have center trac too. i still prefer kk, but i am warming up to center trac.

aren’t center tracs the ones with just a little crack in the middle of the axle? That’s what I based my answer off of.

Not true I know a lot of players including me that use kk’s in Yoyofactory yo-yos and none of their and my yo-yos have not messed up.

The thing is that they sit very tight on the bearing seat and can scrape off the ano during bearing swaps, which is what I believe to be the reason for my 888’s loss of smoothness. And king, I think you’re talking about a Born Crucial grooved bearing.

There’s a simple difference between these 2 bearings.

konkave = centers the string

centertrac = keeps string off the edges

I prefer konkave because it completely centers the string while others may prefer centertrac because it is still similar to a flat bearing.



You have to break them in once you do they will spin for like 30 seconds on a flick. Just play them.

I have yet to try a KK but I’m love’n all of my Center Trac’s. If you have the cash, get one of each and see what you like.