so i was wondering if there is a major difference between the konkave bearing, and the center track bearing. i wanted to buy either one, but I’m not sure. please help!!!

A koncave bearing goes completely down so its not good for many string wraps. This makes koncave bearing more snaggy. Center track bearing do just enough to keep the the string from rubbing against the edge while allowing many string wraps. I prefer center track.

P.s center track are cheaper

There is a pretty significant difference. Obviously not to scale.

centertrac: ___/

konkave: U

The Center trac still has a flat area, so it’s not really a “centering” bearing, more of a “keep the string from hitting the sides” bearing.

The Konkave is kind of a ‘U’ shape, so it directs the string to the center as well as keeps the string from hitting the sides of the yoyo.

So if you want to keep the feel of a flat bearing while keeping the string from rubbing the side of the yoyo, go center trac. If you want more string centering go konkave.

Myself, I prefer the konkave. I have a tendency to yoyo slow (pausing between tricks to think of my next move). This causes my yoyo to start turning in place kind of like a gyroscope. I find the konkave keeps this effect from happening as well as doing a better job of centering.

I’ve heard others say that the konkave can cause multiple string layers to bunch up and gives a different feel to the yoyo. I don’t have that problem, but it’s something to consider.

well price doesnt matter to me, but i do more intricate tricks, and some have multiple wraps. so for this would it be better to go center then?

I’m ordering some KK’s and some CenterTracks and Crucial Groove on my next YYE order. I just want some variety and tools to test with. I currently have yoyos that use Center tracks and KK’s

I can tell by LOOKING at the bearing that the konkave is “all curve” on the inside. The center track is stepped down from the edges and then the inner portion is flat. So I agree with the description of “keep it from the sides”. I don’t do a lot of tricks with massive amounts of string layers yet so I can’t really appreciate the differences.

The guy I meet with for throwing on the weekends, he prefers the Crucial Grooved bearings.

I don’t have major preferences yet. I’m still leaning towards flats, as most of the yoyos I have ship with flat bearings. I do try to keep a factory-type bearing in the yoyo. For example, I have no desire to swap out the Centertracks on my YYF’s that use them. Nor do I have a desire to swap out the KK’s in my Phenom and Phenomizm. However, I am tempted to put a KK in my Speeder 2 and Chaser.

So, bearings have a lot to do with personal preferences. You should buy some bearings and see what you like best. It’s not super expensive to experiment. The only right answer is “what did you end up liking best in a particular yoyo”.