Centertrac or Koncave?

I’m trying to get my 888 perfect and in doing so I say it necessary to get a centering bearing, but I’m unfamiliar with both of them. Anyone know which one is better and the pros and cons of each?

i nvr tried a centertrack but koncave is really good if u lube it i got mine to spin 23 seconds. but when u get the koncave out of the package it has a lot of packaging lube which take usualy 3 days to break in i suggest if u have thin lube put it in other than that konkave is good

The KK will keep strings dead center because the bearing is shaped like a perfect “C”. Even if you throw a kind of a bad throw it’ll keep it from touching the sides of the yoyo. The Center Track is like a _/ shape which keeps it center but not as exaggerated as the KK.

When you get the KK in the mail, you’ll find that they put way too much lube in it and you’ll have to clean it to get it unresponsive. Oh yea and leave it in mineral spirits overnight because you’ll find even if you let it sit for about half an hour it’ll still be responsive. After cleaning it, you’ll have to put almost a microscopic amount of thin lube (even LESS than the amount you would get after putting a drop on the tip of a needle) in it otherwise it’ll be responsive again! It’s a really quiet bearing.

I prefer the Centertrac because it’s crazy unresponsive and it’ll still do a really good job at keeping the string center. I think it’ll help learn to throw the yoyo better too. For some reason it’s cheaper and spins longer than the KK after cleaning and lubing. It’s a loud bearing though. Also, with a Centertrac you can actually DO a gyroscopic flop (one of my fav tricks) and have the yoyo spin at least 6 times, unlike the KK where it’ll spin at most 3 times and die out.