center trac vs. konkave

What do you prefer?

This topic occurs often enough. Are you actually asking what they are, what they do, Which one is better?

I’ll answer those one by one.

What they are:

Concave bearings- The bearing is like this sideways " )=( " it keeps the string perfectly centered, makes the yoyo less responsive, and perhaps may help your throw a miniscule amount.

Centertrac bearings: This bearing is like this " _/ " as you may see, this bearing does not keep the string perfectly centered, but rather keeps it off the sides. It has no other effects, aside from perhaps slightly being less responsive. My personal preference resides with centertrac.

i knew what they were i just wanna know ppls preference

I like the center-trac. Because when you use the KK, the string always has to land in the same spot, which results in kickback.

what do u mean kick back?

konkave for me, never had any issues. i don’t feel that centertracs work as well. opinion.