Center Track Bearings

I have noticed a lot of different opinions about Center Tracks. Mostly, it seems like people don’t like them. That confused me though, because I LOVE mine. My friend tried mine, and he also loved it. It seems like a really good quality bearing, and I was interested in trying CBC’s SPEC bearings. What do you guys think? I want to know your opinion about Center Tracks. Please explain as much as possible.

Same thing as a CenterTrac, only difference is outer run shape, SPEC is flat, and Noise, the SPEC is still a little loud but not nearly as loud as a CenterTrac. Both are great bearings from a great company.

If it is better than its probably because your not very good at centering the string so the bearing is helping you, meaning your gonna like it better, center tracs are just training wheels

spec’s come in alot of yyf yoyos

so do CenterTrac bearings, like I said there are differences but they are both the same quality, only one is louder and has flared edges to help center the string. I like the FEEL of my CenterTracs so tbh I prefer them dry and deshielded.

It is just opinion.

I personally like center tracs more than specs but some people just like flat bearings more.

I like center tracks because they help my yoyos be less responsive not because I cannot throw straight.

I have both and they are both great bearings.

You can try one if you want and you may like it more.

Again it is just your personal opinion.

Hope this helped. 8)

Czyoyo :wink:

It is indeed preference.

Center tracs are just training wheels? I think that line of thought is giving the bearing much more credit than it deserves as far as centering the string goes. The center trac is basically a flat bearing with a tiny bevel on each side to help keep the string from butting right up against the inside of the yoyo but it doesn’t really center the string any more than a flat bearing would.

The center trac is a noisy little bugger but it sure spins. When putting one in my Lyn, I was really suprised at how long it spun with just a flick of the finger. It’s a nice bearing but it’s not a training wheel or a remedy for throwing/alignment issues.

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i got a center trac in my 888x due to a trade, i gotta say, I dont notice a difference in play…

I guess my original thread wasn’t very clear. I KNOW what a CenterTrac is, and what a SPEC bearing is! I know that its all preference and opinion. My throw is fine, I can get through most any trick plus one or two more after it. I don’t want to know what they do or what they are. I am not asking you why you think I like mine. I don’t care if it helps a beginner’s throw or not. I just want to know your opinion about the Center Trac bearing, and CBC’s SPEC bearings as well.(not just any SPEC bearing. It must be CBC’s SPEC bearing.)

It sum it up: I don’t want to know anything about Center Trac and CBC SPEc bearings except your opinion!

I’m no huge fan of these bearings. I just can’t see them having any advantage over flat bearings.

Pretty much we all already gave you our opinions in our original posts. I love mine, SPEC’s are 2nd place in bearing favoritism. there a reiterated and expanded answer.

I’ve used my friend’s center track and I thought it was awesome

I love my centertrac

Its in your head. The only reason CT seems to spin longer is it comes properly cleaned with no lube. Also, you are wanting to dignify the fact that you actually bought one so you are mentally wanting it to be better than it is.

There is no scientific reasoning or methodology to making a Center Trac bearing spin longer than a normal SPEC bearing.

All bearings generally are the same with no noticeable difference aside from your perception. Nothing factual. Its all in your head.

IMO, CBC bearings are all better than YYF Bearings. YYF bearings tend to lock up easily,

It’s not in my head. I don’t think it spins longer, I just like the feel of it. I don’t think I have heard many people say that it spins longer (or any). I didn’t buy one. It came with my Protostar.

You are probably right about them being cleaned and lubed though. BUT that makes no different since I clean most of my bearings.

Mi, you are just going to have to realize that bearings are not all the same. They may look similar or do similar things, but each one feels entirely different.

CT bearings come cleaned and dry. They are cleaned so well that you probably will never have a cleaner bearing. Thats why they spin so long. Feel is different by performance is the same.

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ive never had a yyf bearing lock up as long as u lube them or even if there dry and imho i hate ct’s because they lock and grind to easily

I have own more thn 10 CT and none locked up if u have great mantainence. They are not noisy as the 5 spec bearings i used to own… And i have got a friend who dropped his YYF spec and then his YYF SPEC begun to lock up.